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We may be offering discounts but article reminds patients to check credentials!

Posted by Jessica Hoffman on December 16, 2008

Caution Urged as Patients Seek Deals on Cosmetic Surgery

ASPS Member Surgeons Offer Tips for Finding Quality Care

For Immediate Release: November 21, 2008

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. – Consumers looking to cut costs during the economic downturn cannot afford to cut corners on quality of care, warns the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). While it’s one thing to temporarily substitute fillers for facelifts, ASPS says the worst thing patients can do is to put price before professional training. This concern was discussed recently at the ASPS annual scientific meeting in Chicago.

“The search for bottom-basement prices may impact safety, and patients should proceed carefully before putting their faces in the hands of just anyone,” says John Canady, MD, ASPS President. “No one is more qualified than ASPS Member Surgeons to perform the full range of cosmetic medicine procedures, and patients can avoid costly mistakes by doing their homework.”

Some questions to ask your plastic surgeon:

  • Are you an ASPS Member Surgeon?
  • Where and how will my procedure be done?
  • Who will be performing the procedure?
  • What are the qualifications of any other medical personnel involved?
  • How many of the procedures have you (they) done?
  • How effective is the procedure?
  • Is the product FDA approved for the use prescribed?
  • What can I expect from the procedure?
  • Can I see before-and-after photos that illustrate the procedure?
  • What are the risks and complications?
  • What are the after-effects and the recovery time?
  • How long can I expect the results to last?
  • Are there alternative procedures I could consider?
  • What are the pros and cons of those procedures?

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I basing my decision on credentials of the medical professional and not the price?
  • Does this sound too good to be true (if so, it probably is)?
  • What do I expect from my procedure?
  • Are my expectations for results realistic?
  • Have all my questions been answered?

ASPS says you can still save money by having non-invasive procedures, but you should never swap quality care for cost.

“ASPS Member Surgeons put safety and outcome satisfaction first. The point is, while less expensive procedures appear more desirable when money is tight, cheaper is not better if the procedure is being done by someone who is unqualified or not properly supervised,” Dr. Canady says.

Consumers are encouraged to go to the ASPS website to find an ASPS Member Surgeon who can provide the treatment they desire. In 2007, ASPS Member Surgeons performed nearly 10 million minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures.

For full article and more detailed information, click this link.


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Consultation Fee?

Posted by Jessica Hoffman on November 26, 2008

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How’s Business?

Posted by Jessica Hoffman on November 18, 2008

Fortunately, although times are difficult it seems as if we are making it through- I would like to believe it’s because OUR practice is different… our staff is unique, genuine and Dr. Genter is amazingly talented- According to this article written recently, Consumers and plastic surgeons say economy is cutting into cosmetic procedures on Eureka! Science News elective surgery is not exactly a priority. We made the decision today to offer BOTOX® at just $10.00 per unit. What does this mean? BIG savings… we are also offering free consultations, (something usually reserved for identifying how our referrals are generated) as well as major savings on cosmetic surgery. Yep… we are feeling it. Bottom line… if you have been contemplating ANY cosmetic procedure, now is the time. As a practice, we have never done anything like this and believe me… we are hoping this won’t last long! With interest-free financing options and huge savings, why wait? As always, feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions! If you would like someone to contact you right away, please  click this link  and complete the form. Thanks!!

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Too much hair??? Laser may be your answer! Here are the facts.

Posted by Jessica Hoffman on August 28, 2008

Too much hair in all of the wrong places is not a new problem! Traditional methods of hair removal have proven to be slow, temporary, and most times painful!  Laser Hair Removal, when done by a trained professional, provides permanent results in a comforable environment.

Treatments can take as little as ten minutes, and you are able to resume normal activity right away!

Some interesting statistics can be found directly from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.                                             


To sum it up….


  • It’s non-invasive
  • It doesn’t hurt… much
  • Leaves skin smoother and softer
  • no more razors
  • no down-time
  • Can treat ALL skin color


  • Could take multiple visits
  • Area may redden
  • May require new skin-care products
  • Blonde, white or gray hair is sometimes difficult or resistant to treatment

The best way to find out is to make an appointment, or call. Please check out our website for more information, or to read about our credentials!

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Botox™ Jaw Reduction (Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction)

Posted by drbg on August 20, 2008

Excessively wide jaws that create a “squared off” lower face is a common problem. While a strong jaw may be desirable in males, females dislike this appearance.  In the past surgery was the only remedy, but now we have fabulous non-surgical solutions.  If you feel the angle of your jaw as you clench down, you can feel a mucscle bulging outward.  This muscle, called the masseter, is often the primary cause of the excessive jaw width.  Injections with Botox™ can significantly reduce the size of these muscles and narrow the lower half of the face. Your ability to chew is not weakened.  A side benefit is that the cheeks may be highlighted.  As you can see below, the results can be quite profound .  I just love being able to help people with this problem so easily.   Call our office for more information at 215-572-7744 or email us at info@drgenter.com. Also, visit my web site at www.drgenter.com.



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“Scarless” Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA)

Posted by drbg on September 14, 2007

I am happy now to be offering trans-umbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) to appropriate patients. With an intra-umbilical incision, saline implants can be tunneled under the skin to the breasts where they can be positioned in a submuscular pocket. This will produce exactly the same result as an incision at or on the breast, but the scar is virtually invisible within the umbilicus. This technique can also be used to insert breast implants through the abdominal incision during an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). TUBA cannot be used with silicone implants because these implants are pre-filled with a thick gel, require larger incisions for insertion, and cannot be placed through thin tunnels.

For more information please feel free to call my office at 215-572-7744 or email us.  My web site, www.drgenter.com has lots of information.

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Non-Surgical “Nose Job”

Posted by drbg on July 6, 2007

Most people are aware that an operation called rhinoplasty (nose job) is useful for enhancing the nose. This involves reduction of the nasal hump, refinement of the nasal tip, and narrowing of the nose to maintain proper proportions. Most people are not aware, however, that fillers can be used non-surgically to enhance the nasal shape. By injecting a filler above and below a mild nasal hump, the nasal bridge is straightened with a completely non-invasive procedure. Popular fillers for this  are  Juvéderm™,  Restylaneä , Radiesse™, and Artefill®.  Artefill® is the newest available filler which, according to the company, may last for five years. While a rhinoplasty operation produces a permanent result, these non-surgical enhancements are an excellent trade-off to avoid the expense, trauma, and down time that surgery requires. I am  pleased that we have so many options to offer patients.  For more information call my office at 215-572-7744 or email us at info@drgenter.com.  Also feel free to look at our website, www.drgenter.com.

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Mommy Make-Overs

Posted by drbg on July 3, 2007

Pregnancy creates a lot of changes in a woman’s body. Most often there is stretching and relaxation of the abdomen and breasts. The breasts experience a loss of volume as well as tone and there may be some residual fat collections in the hip and waist area. I see a lot of women who request a “Mommy Make-Over” to reverse these changes. During the consultation I let patients express all of their concerns, and it is generally safe to treat everything at once. Most often surgery involves some sort of mastopexy (breast lift) and an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck, mini-tummy tuck or mini-abdominoplasty) depending on the degree of redundancy. Abdominal stretch marks (abdominal striations) can be excised and residual stretch marks are more taut and seem less crepy. Occasionally women will also like a breast augmentation to restore breast size. Also, sometimes liposuction of the hip and flank area is performed to eliminate persistent pockets of fat in the love handle and waist area.   Every “Mommy Make-Over” is customized to meet each patients individual needs For more information check my website at www.drgenter.com, call my office at 215-572-7744,  or email us at info@drgenter.com.

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Breast Asymmetry

Posted by drbg on June 24, 2007

Over the years I have seen many women in my practice with asymmetric breasts. This has been a frequent cause of distress for these patients. Women with uneven breasts have difficulty in finding undergarments, clothes, and bathing suits that fit properly. Frequently they wear a bra that fits the larger breast and then have to pad the smaller one. I have devised several solutions for treating patients with asymmetric breasts.One of the best tools I can offer is adjustable saline implants. These saline implants have temporary valves that stay buried under the skin and allow size adjustments after surgery. Often patients whose breasts are different sizes will require different size implants. Sometimes these patients even require different operations on each breasts, maybe an augmentation on one side and an augmentation and a breast lift on the another side. Sometimes one side has to be reduced and the other side augmented. The surgery really has to be individualized. After surgery when the swelling subsides, the implant size can be fine tuned to achieve the best symmetry in size and shape possible. The adjustable breast implant valves can stay in place for several months until the patient is satisfied that we have the best result possible. Then the valves are removed under local anesthesia during an easy office procedure.

For more information contact my office at 215-572-7744 or by email at info@drgenter.com, and look at our website, www.drgenter.com.


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Welcome To My Blog

Posted by drbg on June 24, 2007

I love being a plastic surgeon! No other medical specialty permits such a blend of science and art and requires such customized treatment for each patient. I intend to use this blog to periodically address areas of interest in cosmetic medicine and surgery and I hope you find it interesting and informative. Feel free to visit my web site at www.drgenter.com or call 215-572-7744 to learn more about me and my practice.

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