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Breast Asymmetry

Posted by drbg on June 24, 2007

Over the years I have seen many women in my practice with asymmetric breasts. This has been a frequent cause of distress for these patients. Women with uneven breasts have difficulty in finding undergarments, clothes, and bathing suits that fit properly. Frequently they wear a bra that fits the larger breast and then have to pad the smaller one. I have devised several solutions for treating patients with asymmetric breasts.One of the best tools I can offer is adjustable saline implants. These saline implants have temporary valves that stay buried under the skin and allow size adjustments after surgery. Often patients whose breasts are different sizes will require different size implants. Sometimes these patients even require different operations on each breasts, maybe an augmentation on one side and an augmentation and a breast lift on the another side. Sometimes one side has to be reduced and the other side augmented. The surgery really has to be individualized. After surgery when the swelling subsides, the implant size can be fine tuned to achieve the best symmetry in size and shape possible. The adjustable breast implant valves can stay in place for several months until the patient is satisfied that we have the best result possible. Then the valves are removed under local anesthesia during an easy office procedure.

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