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About Dr. Genter

Bruce E. Genter, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a native Philadelphian. Born, raised and educated in Pennsylvania, Dr. Genter completed his General Surgery training in New York and his Plastic Surgery residency at Yale University Medical Center. Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he returned to his home state in 1984 and begin his practice in a university setting. Dr. Genter subsequently established the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center in 1988 where he remains the solo practitioner focusing on cosmetic surgery for both men and women. His leadership roles in specialty societies, ongoing faculty positions, and busy private practice have earned him an outstanding reputation among patients, peers, colleagues and medical students.


7 Responses to “About Dr. Genter”

  1. Marianne said

    HI DR,
    one more question,

    I cannot seem to find your contact info on this site….
    Can you leave me your office #?
    best regards,

  2. melissa said

    where are u located at?

  3. Emily said

    Hi I am really interested in having a jaw reduction by botox and was wondering if you know of any clinics in Glasgow (Scotland)where I’m living that provide this service?

    • drbg said

      Dear Emily: I’m sorry but I do not know of anybody in Glasgow who does the Botox jaw reduction. You may have to use a search engine to find somebody.
      Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  4. sapir said

    hi my name is sapir i live in isreal

    Large jaw, I want to reduce it but in no surgery or Botox jaw reduction
    I wanted to know if there is a regular Botox reduces the jaw that if I go to the United States that was one time I can not go back to the U.S.
    I beg you come back to me
    It’s an emergency
    My Haymil

    • drbg said

      Dear Sapir: Botox can only reduce a jaw if it appears large due to a large muscle called the masseter. If your jaw bone is large, Botox cannot help you. I do not have enough information to know if Botox will solve your problem You can send me some pictures, or you can get an opinion in Israel from a doctor who offers Botox treatments. If Botox could be a proper treatment for you, I could inject you with a large dose, but often more than 1 set of injections is necessary.
      Good luck and thank you for writing. Dr. Genter

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