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To Finance or Not: That is the question!

Posted by Jessica Hoffman on May 27, 2009

The companies are out there… If you are determined, have decent (at least 650) credit score, someone, somewhere out there, can make it happen. for…. COSMETIC SURGERY?! What is this world coming to? I mean, it’s a wonderful thing… to have the ability to offer patients 0% interest, 18 month financing… it costs us a pretty penny, but at least our patients have options… lots of them. The companies we use offer everything from 3-18 month interest free plans… all the way to 60 month long-term payment plans. (with high interest)- but if someone wants a procedure, this seems logical. Let’s think about what we finance… and don’t really put much thought into-
1. Education– From the day we are born, first our parents.. they pay- they pay for preschool, primary, etc. tutors, instruction, (dance, ballet, art, guitar, Lacrosse, acting, teen tour) They teach us most of this so we may LEARN to make our OWN money… and spend it (or finance) Eventually, we get to college where we learn how to spend our parent’s money, we learn about what being “broke” means and we may even make an attempt to “budget”. Touchy word these days!! We eventually figure out that maybe even we will begin to pay for our OWN education– what a concept!  Again, accepted and embraced- This is mature!! you are making great choices and life will reward you-

2. car– you don’t HAVE to finance.. you can purchase, pay cash, but to do this, most would end up with one “less nice” vs. a payment plan car… newer, nicer… more expensive- but we justify this because it makes us ….feel good- Besides… if you finance, you will establish some credit… now that your education is complete, you know HOW to find a job and pay for your car and you even know how to make a good deal!  Totally acceptable- Nobody would question you- in fact, you would likely be praised for all the hard work and told “you deserve a nice car!”

3. House: Logical, right? Education, job, car…. what’s next in life?? A house of course!! It’s an investment!!  In fact… once you close, people give you stuff!! They bring you gifts, have parties, send you cards… your family tells everyone they know about your first house! It’s all so exciting-

then life happens…

You get married, (or not) you have kids, (or not) you work, you clean, you feel like a slave in your own kitchen… (guys this can apply to you, so keep reading) Or maybe… you work and work, never have time to enjoy this beautiful house or family you now have in your life… in fact, you feel run down- is this it?? Is this what I am making these OBNOXIOUS payments for? We all know, once we have the house, the family and all of those wonderful things that come along with it…. we need to finance more! Work harder, longer, get promoted…. spend more. Always. It’s a rule.

So after all of this… you start looking around. You notice your friends… their husbands and wives- they are doing things just like you- busy getting through life… but yet, somehow- they don’t look tired! You wonder… is it genetic? Is there some magic pond somewhere? Fountain of Youth? Finally, the truth comes out… your friend leans over and whispers… “I went under the knife! shhhh…. don’t tell anyone! It was only 14k and they did EVERYTHING! It’s interest free so the payments are small….”

what????? It’s a secret?? Yes- it is… for whatever reason, it’s not only acceptable, but encouraged in our society to finance all of what I have mentioned aboved, but when it comes to your body and how you feel, somehow making that happen through financing should be kept quiet!

In our practice, we see many, many men and women come to consultations with loads of cash saved… they have been secretly saving for maybe years!!

We begin to talk about the procedures they are interested in. There always seems to be some level of guilt associated with cosmetic surgery, even though you have spent your life giving to everyone else…

We want people to feel GOOD about what they are doing. We want to help make it easier to justify. We will help you make it affordable!! In this economy, WHY would you take this CHUNK of money you have saved, and spend it all, at once… on cosmetic surgery?!

Many cosmetic practices offer some kind of financing, but most are limited. Maybe they offer one or two programs. Short and long-term. In our practice, having the ability to offer many different options and paid off, for everyone! If it makes you feel good, DO IT! If you have the ability, DO IT! In our practice, we offer everything from 3-18 month interest free financing and even have terms that go as far out as 60 months!!!

Buying a new car only helps you feel better short-term. It’s a “fix”. Why not invest in YOU??? We would be proud to help you through it! If YOU feel good, the car won’t matter-

If you would like more information regarding financing your procedure, please e-mail me at jhoffman@drgenter.com to find out how!  If you want to look for yourself, go to care credit. They have all of the information at your fingertips!

You should feel good about YOU!!!

We hope to hear from you soon….

Welcome to 2009.


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