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Botox™ Jaw Reduction (Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction)

Posted by drbg on August 20, 2008

Excessively wide jaws that create a “squared off” lower face is a common problem. While a strong jaw may be desirable in males, females dislike this appearance.  In the past surgery was the only remedy, but now we have fabulous non-surgical solutions.  If you feel the angle of your jaw as you clench down, you can feel a mucscle bulging outward.  This muscle, called the masseter, is often the primary cause of the excessive jaw width.  Injections with Botox™ can significantly reduce the size of these muscles and narrow the lower half of the face. Your ability to chew is not weakened.  A side benefit is that the cheeks may be highlighted.  As you can see below, the results can be quite profound .  I just love being able to help people with this problem so easily.   Call our office for more information at 215-572-7744 or email us at info@drgenter.com. Also, visit my web site at www.drgenter.com.




39 Responses to “Botox™ Jaw Reduction (Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction)”

  1. This is interesting that you are able to seemingly mold the jaw into another shape without surgery?!?! Jaw reduction via botox? Never thought the results would be so profound as the picture shows of this non-surgical procedure.

  2. drbg said

    It really is amazing. I am not really changing the bone structure. The Botox injections shrink the bulk of the masseter muscle located on each side of the face over the jaw. If you clench you jaws you can feel this muscle tense up.

    Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  3. Katie Martin said

    Hi, I’m considering botox for jaw reduction, however I’ve read this treatment will result in face lengthening (longer face). Please advise.

    Kind regard


  4. drbg said

    Dear Katie: The length of your face is determined by the size of your facial bones. Botox does not change the size of facial bones. The injections into the jaw muscles shrink their width so the face seems less bottom-heavy. I suppose this could give an illusion of facial lengthening. If you look at the photo on this blog, there has been a profound improvement in the facial shape but the face is not longer.
    Thanks for your question. Dr. Genter

  5. agnes said

    How about the side view of the face? Does the bone between jaws and neck less appearence?

  6. drbg said

    Dear Agnes: The Botox only reduces the width of the lower face from the front view. The side view would not change. For example, the chin would not look smaller from the side.
    Thank you for writing. Dr. Genter

  7. lily said

    Dear Dr Genter. I believe I have a slightly assymetrical face caused more jaw muscle on the right side than the left side of my face. Do you think the botox treatment will be able to correct this?

    • drbg said

      Dear Lilly: If there is a difference in the size of your masseter muscles it may be possible to treat the larger one with Botox. Without actually see you I cannot say for sure if this is the solution to your problem.
      Thanks for writing to my blog. Dr. Genter

  8. Christina said

    Dear Dr. Genter,

    How long do the results last? Will the shrinkage of the masseter muscles result in hollow/sunken cheeks, especially in those who are very thin?

    • drbg said

      Dear Christina: So far the results have lasted over 2 years and I have not had to re-treat anybody after meeting their goals. Treatment of the masseter muscles will generally not create hollow cheeks. Hollow cheeks are more of a risk when the buccal (cheek) fat pads are removed. Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  9. Good work! Thank you very much!
    I always wanted to write in my blog something like that. Can I take part of your post to my site?
    Of course, I will add backlink?

    Sincerely, Reader

    • drbg said

      Dear Dr. Alhimenkov: Thank you for your comments. You are welcome to use parts of my blog and I appreciate the backlink. Please send me your blog address and I can look at it with a Russian friend to translate.
      Dr. Genter

  10. drgenterblog.wordpress.com – now in my rss reader)))

  11. drbg said

    Dear Onegnassasita: Thank you. Dr. Genter

  12. Freida said

    How many treatments did it require to achieve the results in the photo? Would you expect much skin laxity in a 40 yr old?

    • drbg said

      Dear Freida: The woman in the photos had 2 treatments when those pictures were taken. She has had a third treatment since that time, and I will update the pictures if there is any detectable change. Skin laxity is not an issue with this treatment. Despite the profound change in the width of the jaws, there is not much of an actual decrease in volume where we would see skin start to sag.
      Thank you for your question. Dr. Genter

  13. Nicky said

    Dr. Genter,
    Thank you for sharing on this procedure. If a woman in her late 20s receives the botox jaw reduction, will she later have problem with sagging skin as she ages (I suppose due to decreased muscle size not holding the skin taut)? Or, by then (perhaps her 40s) will the botox effects have worn off and such long term effects is not necessary to worry about (as opposed to, like you say above, buccal fat removal, which may later present a jaunt look)? Thanks!

  14. drbg said

    Dear Nicky: The decrease in masseter muscle volume after Botox injections is nowhere near the volume decrease after a buccal (cheek) fat pad excision. Therefore, skin redundancy is not an immediate or future potential problem after the Botox jaw reduction.
    Thanks for your interest in my blog. Dr. Genter

  15. jessica said

    Are there some patients that do not get dramatic effects from this treatment because their masseter muscle is not large enough to make a significant difference? Are there procedures in which you can take to determine weather or not their masseter muscle volume is large enough?

  16. drbg said

    Dear Jessica: This treatment is good for people with enlarged masseter muscles, not for people with wide bone structure. On exam, an enlarged muscle is evident, especially when the patient bites down and you see and feel the masseter bulge outward.

    Thanks for your question. Dr. Genter

  17. jessica said

    Hello i just wanted to ask one more question. How is the price range for this treatment

  18. drbg said

    Dear Jessica: At our current pricing, each treatment would cost $720, and at least 2 treatments are required. The woman in the picture on this blog had 2 treatments before the photo and 1 more after.
    Dr. Genter

  19. Cynthia said

    How long after the first treatment did it take to see the results shown in the photos? How far apart are the treatments? Weeks? Months? Thanks.

    • drbg said

      Dear Cynthia: This patient had 2 treatments about 6 weeks apart. The photo was taken about 2 months after the second treatment and we were amazed at the change.
      Thank you for your interest. Dr. Genter

  20. If you want to read a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for 4/5. Detailed info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed parts. Thank you, anyway!

    • drbg said

      Dear Six Pack: I created this blog to honestly present interesting procedures and concepts with the hopes of generating on-line discussions. Although I do present lots of facts, I never intended the blog entries to be equivalent to a scientific article one would find in a journal. To obtain more information you could have posted a question, like other people do. That’s the purpose of the blog. But anyway, thanks for the 4/5 rating. Dr. Genter

  21. cyrene said

    how many units/vial was consumed?whats the interval of treatment?

    • drbg said

      Dear Cyrene: Each treatment uses 60 units, 30 per side. I space treatments 4-6 weeks apart. Thanks for your interest.
      Dr. Genter

  22. Stephanie said

    Hello Dr. Genter,

    Would you be able to decrease chin size with the use of botox as well?

    • drbg said

      Dear Stephanie: Botox reduces the width of the jaw area by shrinking a muscle along the sides of the jawbone (mandible). The size of the chin is actually related to the bone size, not muscle, so Botox will not help.

      Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  23. Suzy said

    Are there any risks? What happens if too much Botox is administered? Can you recommend an experienced consultant in London? I have done some research and it seems that this particular procedure is not very well known in the UK.

    • drbg said

      Dear Suzy: I really do not feel there are many risks with this Botox injections into the masseter muscles, especially over-treatment. I suppose, theoretically, one could see a temporary weakness in chewing. However several muscle are involved in chewing, so I think this would be an unlikely problem.
      I am unable to suggest anybody in London you could see. You may have to Google “Botox jaw reduction” and see who comes up.
      Thank you for writing. Dr. Genter

  24. Annie Kim said

    I just got botox jaw reduction today with 20 units on each side. I did it both for square jaw and TMJ symptoms (teeth grinding and jaw popping)… Was the dose too conservative and will not see any physical difference?
    I am reading that the normal dose is about 30-40 units per side…
    Thank you!

    • drbg said

      Dear Annie: I usually use 30 units per side, but maybe your doctor has good results with 20 per side or felt that 20 was all you needed based on your anatomy. I recommend that you be patient and see if there are any changes over the next month. Most often 2 or 3 treatments are needed.
      Good luck. Dr. Genter

  25. Erika said

    Hello, I am very interested in this procedure but I live in Seattle, do you know of any Dr’s in Washington that do the same thing?

    • drbg said

      Dear Erika: I am way across the country in the Philadelphia area, so I really do not know who is doing Botox jaw reductions in Seattle or Washington. I suggest you do a Google or Bing search for Botox jaw reductions in your area, or make some calls to plastic surgeons who offer Botox and see if they perform this treatment.
      Good luck and thank you for writing to my blog. Dr. Genter

  26. Catherine said

    Hello, I live in Dublin but flew over to the UK this weekend to get this treatment done (the day before yesterday). Today I feel a slight numbness in the area but not very strong. I am very much looking forward to the results but fearful as I am, I am now thinking “What if it just does not work?” .. I searched a little on the internet and found some people who said botox did not have any effect on them (these experiences were often told when they were treated for wrinkles). Now I am getting afraid.. what if I am “immune” to Botox, too? is there such thing as immunity to Botox?

    • drbg said

      Dear Catherine: Most often it takes at least 2 treatments a couple of months apart to see a result from a Botox jaw reduction. Some people see less of a result with Botox after many, many treatments, but it is very unlikely that you are immune to Botox, especially after only 1 treatment. Just give it time. The result happens gradually. Perhaps your doctor can email you a set of your pre-treatment photos in a month or so so you can look at yourself in the mirror and compare.
      Good luck. Dr. Genter

  27. Nikki said

    I also live in Dublin and had it done last week in Dublin actually. I am curious to see if it works. I was told next treatment would be in 6 months. How did yours go in London? Where did you have it done and are you happy with the results?

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