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Non-Surgical “Nose Job”

Posted by drbg on July 6, 2007

Most people are aware that an operation called rhinoplasty (nose job) is useful for enhancing the nose. This involves reduction of the nasal hump, refinement of the nasal tip, and narrowing of the nose to maintain proper proportions. Most people are not aware, however, that fillers can be used non-surgically to enhance the nasal shape. By injecting a filler above and below a mild nasal hump, the nasal bridge is straightened with a completely non-invasive procedure. Popular fillers for this  are  Juvéderm™,  Restylaneä , Radiesse™, and Artefill®.  Artefill® is the newest available filler which, according to the company, may last for five years. While a rhinoplasty operation produces a permanent result, these non-surgical enhancements are an excellent trade-off to avoid the expense, trauma, and down time that surgery requires. I am  pleased that we have so many options to offer patients.  For more information call my office at 215-572-7744 or email us at info@drgenter.com.  Also feel free to look at our website, www.drgenter.com.


217 Responses to “Non-Surgical “Nose Job””

  1. Brett said

    Hi, my nose is pretty big, sometimes when I look in the mirror I feel that it isnt so big, this is because your eyes are above your nose i guess so it doesnt appear to big to me. Anyways, I was wondering if there was something you can do to make your nose smaller without surgery. If pressure on the nose works???? I saw this article where if you rub water on your nose and spread your fingers up and down your nose, it will make it smaller. I just want to know if that works, and if its heathly to do…. Thank you and I hope you comment back to my email. I want a smaller nose so baddddddddd

  2. drbg said

    Pressure on the nose will not make it smaller because nose size is generally determined by the structure of the nasal bones and cartilage.If the nasal hump is not too big it can be camouflaged with injections of filler materials to create a straighter contour and the illusion of a smaller nose. If you email a profile I could let you know if this is a possibility. The email address is gentermd@comcast.net.
    Dr. Genter

  3. Pat said


    Is narowwing of nostrils possible with fillers? Can fillers tighten up nose ball by acting on the cartilage without acutally reducing nose volume?

    Thank you!

  4. drbg said

    Not really. The fillers are more useful to camouflage a nasal hump. If fillers are injected into the nostril skin the nostrils may get narrower, but they may also look more bulky. Thanks for your question. Dr. Genter

  5. Angie said

    Hello, i have a small nose and a little bump on it is it possible to get rid of the bump without surgery and will it last for a lifetime or periodically i have to get injections in order to maintain it?

  6. drbg said

    To Angie: It is possible to camouflage a small bump with injectable fillers. These injections are not permanent and will require periodic re-treatments. Thanks for reading my blog. Dr. Genter

  7. Rickey Lewis said

    I am interested in the non-surgical nose job, and would like to learn more about it.

  8. drbg said

    Fillers can be injected in the nose to non-surgically camouflage a nasal hump. See the top of this page for more info and feel free to contact my office if you would like an evaluation. Dr. Genter

  9. Hi, I have two questions:

    1. How old do you have to be in order to get a nonsurgical nose job?

    2. How much does it cost?

    Please answer these as soon as you can. My nose is pretty big, with a slight hump, and I am the butt of many jokes. I am very interested in getting a nonsurgical nose job. Thank you!

  10. drbg said

    There is no particular age requirement for a “non-surgical nose job” as long as your facial growth is completed. The cost is $600 for the ampule of the injectable filler. The smaller the hump, the easier to camouflage. A large hump can be difficult to conceal. Thanks for your interest.
    Dr. Genter

  11. Olivia Pettigrew said

    i’m 13 years old and i really want a nose job. I just feel so depressed all the time because of this. When I look in the mirror i see a big ugly thing on my face and I try and break it. I don’t need a councellor or anything i’m not crazy but I really really want this so bad. Everyone says stuff about it and I just can’t stand it anymore! I don’t know how much longer I can take this! write back

    • xiana said

      Aww i know how u feel I’m going threw the same thing you are!!:(

    • Natalia said

      Dear dr. Gentry, I am 13 going to 14 and I have a bump on my nose with males it look so big which it was all straight before I had an incident with sports I would like to know if I am eligible to have This kind of procedure and how much it costs?

      Thanks, Natalia

      • drbg said

        Dear Natalia: I cannot say whether or not the injections for the non-surgical nose job will help you specifically because I do not have a picture of you. In general, though, the injections do a good job in camouflaging nasal bumps. The cost can vary, depending on the policies of the doctor injecting you. I suggest finding a doctor who uses this technique and discussing the price with him or her.
        Good luck, and thank you for writing. Dr. Genter

  12. drbg said

    Dear Olivia: I am so sorry to learn how distressed you are. People can be insensitive. From your email address I see you are in the UK, so I cannot personally help you. You are on the young side for nasal surgery because you are probably still growing. Perhaps non-surgical enhancement can help to improve the shape of your nose without actually reducing the size. I once did nasal surgery on a 14 year-old girl because she was as upset as you, scribbling out her face in photos with a black marker. I performed her surgery with an understanding between the patient, her parents, and me that she may require a second operation in the future if her nose continues to grow. The surgery worked wonders for this girl’s self-esteem. I think you need to bring your feelings to your parents’ attention. If they do not understand your problem (which is very possible because parents often feel their children are beautiful just the way they are), then try discussing this with another adult (a relative, doctor, clergyperson, etc.) whom your parents respect. Also show them this blog. I am a parent as well as a plastic surgeon, so I can appreciate all possible points of view for this situation. Maybe your parents can be then persuaded to take you to a local plastic surgeon for an evaluation. Thanks for writing and good luck.
    Dr. Genter

  13. Paula Jones said

    Olivia, i know EXACTLY how you feel too- you’re not alone (:

    To Dr. Genter-
    I am hoping to get this procedure done before school starts again in September. Is the cost still $600, and is there tax? So far I’ve saved up close to $400.

    Another question is: What are the steps to getting this procedure done? Should I call/e-mail and make an appointment?


    P.S. By the way, I am 15 years old and my parents have agreed to let me do this.

  14. drbg said

    Dear Paula: I have been using a filler called Radiesse for the non-surgical nasal enhancement. A full syringe costs $750, but a half cc syringe costs only $375. There is no tax. I cannot predict which you will need till I see you. All you need to do is come into my office for an evaluation and you can have the treatment at that visit. If that is your plan, please avoid taking any aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil, etc.) for a week before. Because of your age, one of your parents will need to accompany you to the visit to sign a consent form. Also, I am sure your parents will have some questions that I can answer. Our office number is 215-572-7744. Thanks so much for your interest. Dr. Genter

    • Hans said

      Hello Dr, don’t you guys think there could be some other alternative to operating and cutting out cartilage and bone from the nose like inserting some sort of Hard stable fillers under-in-withing the tip bridge of the nose in order to hold up the nose in a pointed shape that would permanently hold the nose in that shape, if you don’t understand please write me at “tiga_scott@yahoo.com” so i can explain more to you it might make some sense

      • drbg said

        Dear Hans: I understand your comment, and that approach is the same used with the fillers in the “non-surgical nose job.” However, there are no reliable permanent fillers. Also, many people want an actual reduction in the size of their nose along with sculpting of the tip cartilages. Therefore there are no alternatives to the current surgical techniques.
        I hope this answers your questions.
        Dr. Genter

  15. Bo said

    Hi Dr Genter!

    I am seriouly considering this procedure. I am black and wondered if this procedure is very effective in correcting our specific issues. I dont want to alter my ethnicity, but would like a more defined bridge and side profile.

    Secondly do you only perform surgeries in Philadelphia or do you travel around as well.

    Thank you!

  16. drbg said

    Dear Bo: The filler injections can add height and definition to the nasal bridge and can accentuate the nasal tip. This will improve the profile. However, there are no non-surgical techniques to narrow the base of the nose or reduce the nostrils. I fully agree that one should not attempt to alter one’s ethnicity. First of all, it really looks fake. Second of all, and more important, there is beauty in all ethnicities that is worth preserving.

    I only work in the Philadelphia area. I don’t know where you live, but we get visitors from all over. Thank you for your question. Dr. Genter

  17. moe adeel said

    I have a downward curved tip to my nose and i want to elevate the tip. Is that possible with the non surgical procedure?

  18. Dana said

    Hi Dr. Genter,

    I have a boxy/bulbous nasal tip with an indentation through the center. I have seen this referred to as a slightly bifid nasal tip. I have read up on the double dome suture technique for a natural narrowing of the tip,but I was wondering if filler could do the trick. Perhaps the filler could fill in the indentation and create the illusion of a narrower tip. My nose is straight (no bump). What are your thoughts?

  19. drbg said

    Dear Moe: Sorry for the delayed reply. I was away and unable to work on the blog. By injecting some filler in and below the tip I may be able to create some “upturning” but I would need to examine you to see how much we could accomplish. I would also go gradually so we do not overdo the effect and get an unnatural result. I would be pleased to see you in my office. Thank you for your question. Dr. Genter

  20. drbg said

    Dear Dana: As you can read, I have been away. Depending on the boxiness of you nasal tip, I may be able to fill in the bifed cleft to round it out so it does not seem as “squared off.” If the tip cartilages are not too separated I may even be able create an illusion of a narrower tip. I would love the chance to evaluate your nose and develope a treatment plan. Thanks for your interest and please feel free to call for an appointment. Dr. Genter

  21. Yasmin said

    im sad and my parents dont approve but is there a type of medical liquid or drug that can help the hump on my nose?

  22. Zaria said

    oh yasmn i know how you feel.

    you just want to have a naturally looking nose. i do too.
    please docter is it possible to change the shape with out surgery or rhinoplasty because i also have strict parents who wont let me do or affect my body in any way. they dont agree with all these procedures but i desperatley hate my nose and really just want to have a different appearance because my nose makes me look like a man.

    im depressed and ask you if there is any other way besides these surgical or non surgical nose jobs that can change my bump or hump on my nose because i cry every night by the look of my face.

    i just really wont a beautiful looking natural nose.



  23. drbg said

    Dear Yasmin and Zaria: Unfortunately there is no medicine you can take orally or apply to the nose that will change the appearance. The non-surgical technique requires the injection of a liquid filler into the nose to camouflage the hump. There is no surgery and no recovery time. Maybe if you explain how you feel to your parents and show them this blog they will permit you to have this treatment. You could also have a talk with an adult that you and you parents respect and see if this person can speak to your parents on your behalf. I would also be happy to speak with your parents if they have questions. Please read my comments to Olivia from 7-27-08 listed above. Thank you both for your questions and best of luck. Dr. Genter

  24. junior said

    hi,due to a past cocaine habbit years ago,gradually over the past two years my nose has changed shape and seems to have sunken in on one side. on the other side i have a dent at the tip. it is really beginnin to get me down,and having researched this i know that no surgery will help as i seem to have damaged the skin envelope which has caused the nose to lose its natural structure and sink in slightly. i was just wondering if you thought that fillers may be the answer to fill out and smooth out these dents. i would be very grateful for any advice you may have..thankyou.

  25. drbg said

    Dear Junior: You have a difficult problem to correct. I will try to advise you, but it is difficult without actually examining you. First of all, surgical options should not be ruled out. The surgery may be more reconstructive than cosmetic in nature, but sometimes healthier skin can be transferred to the nose to replace the damaged skin and allow re-creation of support for the sunken areas. You should consult with a surgeon who is expert in nasal reconstruction after trauma or cancer surgery as well as cosmetic rhinoplasties.
    From a non-surgical standpoint injections with fillers may be useful. One way to find out is to first have some local anesthesia injected into the problem areas. If they fill out nicely, then you should invest in the fillers. If not, then the local anesthesia will disappear shortly. I saw from your email address that you reside in the U.K., so I am sure you can find capable help close to home. Good luck and thank you for writing. Dr. Genter

  26. Mina said

    Hi, My niece is going to be 14 in a month. Her nose does not fit her face at all, and she really needs and wants to have rhinoplasty. She feels so depressed all the time and has a very poor self steam because of this, and the way some insensitive kids treat her. Their parents are willing to do this, but are not sure if it would be the right/possible time. I believe they are fine with possible second surgery later on because they are aware and concern about the effects of this problem on her life in general, and especially her social life. She thinks her friends don’t want to be with her any more, and it seems to be true. She has a very hard time since she started high school this year. She cries frequently and begs her parents to home school her. I am very concern about all of this. She would not be a good candidate for non- surgical procedure because of the size of her nose as it is out of proportion already, so please let us know if she can go trough surgery or she has to wait. I don’t know if it is related or not, but it may help in regard to her growth issue to let you know that she got her period last year, and her body is relevantly changed since last year. I am desperate to help her because I believe that her problems are real, and she does not imagine her nose problem or what is going on in her social life which is zero now while she loves to socialize. We all would be grateful for your advise. Thank you very much, and sorry if my English is not good; it’s my second language, and it seems true that age is a very important issue in learning as well as rhinoplasty, so excuse me if you had a hard time reading this. Thanks.

  27. drbg said

    Dear Mina: While it is most common to wait till age 15 or 16 after there has been more facial growth, if your niece is having this much psychological distress, it may be appropriate for surgery at this relatively young age to save her self-esteem. I performed a rhinoplasty on another young teenager with a similar situation and the surgery helped her tremendously. Both she and her parents were also confortable with the possibility of a second rhinoplasty a few years later should more growth change the nose over time. Sometimes, however, a non-surgical approach is possible, even with a large nose, because camouflaging the hump and adding some accents elsewhere can give the illusion of a smaller size. I would be please to see your niece and help her in any way I can. Thank you for writing. Dr. Genter

  28. Tehmina Inayat said

    Hi Dr. Genter,

    I have a small dent on my right nostril that has always bothered me. It is very noticeable in pictures, and I have been considering getting it filled out with an injectable filler. But I am a little afraid as I had read an article about the injectable fillers damaging the skin envelope. How common is the risk to the skin and is there any less riskier way of filling out a dent?

  29. drbg said

    Dear Tehemina: Injections with fillers are generally very safe, so I am not sure where you got your information. I cannot say, however, whether or not the injections would be an appropriate treatment for you without actually looking at your nose. I would be happy to see you in my office if you are able to come in. Thanks for your question. Dr. Genter

  30. tami said

    Dear Doctor Genter,

    I am very interest in this non-surgical procedure and have heard quite alot about it for a while. However I live in the UK, where i am unable to locate any clinics that offer the procedure. Would you be able to recommend some UK clinics for me?

    Also my nose is not only huge, with a big bump and serverly broken….Would a rhinoplasty be a more appropriate procedure for me ?

    Many Thanks

  31. drbg said

    Dear Tami: Maybe I don’t have a good grasp of the situation for cosmetic procedures in the U.K., but when you use the term “clinic,” I envision clinics that dispense necessary medical care as opposed to private offices of physicians who provide cosmetic procedures on a fee-for-service basis. If I am mistaken due to differences in American and British vernacular, please forgive me. Rather than specifically asking for a non-surgical nasal enhancement, why not try visiting a cosmetic practice that provides injections with fillers and see if you can receive injections in the nose. Another option would be visiting the office of a plastic surgeon who performs cosmetic rhinoplasties and who is experienced in the use of fillers for a proper assessment and for a discussion of your surgical and non-surgical options. I would be happy to communicate with any of these physicians if they have questions about the techniques.
    Good luck, Dr. Genter

  32. lissa said

    hey doctor ,i am turning 15 in 1 month and i REALLY need a nose job , i feel very bad when i look at the mirror, and i just wanted to now if i could get a nose job at my age , is it too painful?

  33. drbg said

    Dear Lissa: You are a little on the young side for a rhinoplasty. As you can read in some entries above, I have made some exceptions for rhinoplasties in patients who are technically too young but are suffering severe psychological trauma from their appearance. If you do not fit into this group, I suggest you wait at least 1 year for surgery. Perhaps a non-surgical treatment could tide you over. If you live in my area I would be happy to see you now or in the future. Best wishes, Dr. Genter

  34. Sara said

    Hi Doctor Genter

    i am 18 years old i have very low self esteem ive had this probalem with my nose ever since i was 13 i hate to look in the miror i decided to get my nose done at age of 16 and i wasnt happy with the resault my nose looks too fake i wish i can have my old nose back i dont know what to do i am very depressed the doctor really screwed up my nose too much cartilage was moved and the front is horrible its so roundish is it possible to do some corrections with the needle non surgical nose job i dont care if its temperory as long as i feel comfterbale when i look in the miror its hard to explain to you whta my nose looks like can i send u a picture of it so you can answer my question and give me an idea of how my nose would look like

    thank you so much


  35. drbg said

    Dear Sara: I am sorry you did not have a good experience. I would be happy to look at your pictures. You can email them to: bgenter@drgenter.com
    or mail them to my office at:
    100 Old York Rd., Suite 3-120
    Jenkintown, PA 19046.

    Where do you live? It is always better to examine someone in person.
    Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  36. Canan said


    I am 17 years old and I really hate the way my nose looks. I have been called names all my life. Such as ‘witch nose’, ‘troll’, or other things like ‘just wear a bag other your face’. I do not want to have surgery because I am scared of it. I have a bump in the middle of my nose, and I was wondering if I get fillings would it make me nose look larger than it already is?
    Thank you

  37. drbg said

    Dear Canan: I am sorry you are having such a hard time. Without seeing you I may not be able to answer your question specifically about you. I can say, however, that most often, by camouflaging the nasal hump, filler injections can actually make a nose appear smaller even though material is being added to the nose. This is because a straight nasal bridge will attract less attention than a bridge with a prominent hump. I hope this answers your question.
    Thanks for your question. Dr. Genter

  38. Riia-Aliice said

    I Have A Really Long Fat Wriggly Nose Similar To The One On The Picture On Thiss Websitee … I Want To Changee The Shape So It Could Be Slightly Lower/Smaller In Height And A Little Bit More Flatter And Thinner… But I DONT Want Surgery Any Other Suggestions Apart From
    -Big Hairstyles
    -Orr Accpeting

    Becausee I Cant Stand My NOsee

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. ehh said

    hi, im thirteen and looking for some options; heres my story,
    look i use to have a normal nose, until i grew into it.. or it grew into me
    i have a larger bridge then most people and are tired of getting comments about it
    theres no way my parents would ever care enough to even think of surgery, there just not like that, my dad says it looks good and people pay for it[pssh yah right!!] i inherited it from him but i wish i would of got my moms nose..
    theres nothing i can do with injections and such too.
    too much maintaince i suppose..
    i was just wonderingg. is there any like.. at home treatments i can try?? or like something i can do on my own for me, cause really im tired of what other people think.. and ive read blogs with people of the same problem and a few that dont that just say to get over it.. ive tried. trust me. they just dont know what it feels like because they arent living it. i want soo bad just to get rid of this stupid bridge on my nose and be normal.. i just dont know how]:

  40. drbg said

    Dear Ehh: Unfortunately I have no suggestions for you. You are too young for surgery, and even injections may be too much for a 13 year-old. There are no home remedies for changing the size of your nose. Good luck and thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  41. drbg said

    Dear Riia-Aliice: Injections can camouflage the hump to make the hump seem less prominent, but they cannot actually make a nose smaller. If you do not want surgery, these non-surgical injections could be another option for you to consider. Thank you for writing on my blog. Dr. Genter

  42. James said

    Hello Dr Genter, On the topic of non surgical cosmetic procedures. I have been reading about a technology which is apparently in testing, which uses a laser to distribute heat in order to soften and shape nose cartilage without the need for invasive surgery. Is this idea a real possibility and if so would you be planning to adopt this procedure? Here is a link to the article


    Thankyou, James

  43. drbg said

    Dear James: This is new technology and I’ll confess that I only know what I have just read in the link you forwarded to me. I have seen nothing written in any of my plastic surgery journals about this. Once the safety, efficacy, and longevity of the technique, along with the treatment protocols, have been established, I would expect laser reshaping of cartilage to be used by all surgeons working on the nasal septum. Note, however, that the technique is only being described for straightening deviated nasal septums, not for cosmetic nasal reshaping that requires surgery or the non-surgical method discussed in this blog.
    Thank you for this information. Dr. Genter

  44. Savanna Rodrigues said

    hi there doctor,
    I am from the UK and have been researching on non invasive nose reshaping, and th idea sounds fanominal but the problem is would it work for what i want, see my problem is i am afro hispanic and so my nose looks to me to be nearlt exactly how i want it but i feel it may be a bit ti small at the tip and it curves to musch at the tip also, i would like a little “flick” at the tip just a small one , its so small o a change in fact, that in my bathroo mirror i can do it and make the effect last for a couple of minutes. my question to you is is this possible? (as i see that this procedure is mainly used at the hump). If you could get back to me i would be very gratefull.
    thank you

  45. drbg said

    Dear Savanna: I cannot really answer specifically without seeing your photo. However, I can say that although injections with fillers work very well to camouflage a nasal hump, they can also enhance a nasal tip. I hope this answers your question, and thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  46. Jason said

    Hi Dr.,

    I’m a male and I am actually fine with my nose, however, there is one thing: whenever I smile, my tip droops too much and gets wide. It has a “light bulb” tip, I guess you could say, and I want it less pronounced. Basically, I want the tip blended in my face more rather than sticking out. Is this procedure not beneficial for me? There are no bumps or humps on my bridge; it’s symmetric, it is just my ending that has a bulbous tip. I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you.

  47. Jason said

    Hello again, Dr., I forgot to mention one thing: I want my bulbous tip not to cover the area above my lip when I smile. In other words,
    I’m hoping for a “lifted tip look” so that when I do smile, my tip stays in place and does not make its way toward my lip area. Your response is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  48. drbg said

    Dear Jason: An injection with Botox at the base of the nose can weaken the muscle that pulls your nasal tip down when you smile, so that is pretty easy to do. Unfortunately, there are generally no non-surgical solutions to make a bulbous nasal tip look smaller. Usually this problem is due to enlarged cartilages in the nasal tip and surgery is needed to reduce and sculpt these tip cartilages. I hope you find this information useful. Dr. Genter

  49. Luke said

    Hello, I had rhinoplasty surgery performed about three years ago and although my side profile has improved dramatically I have never been satisfied with my front profile since the surgery. My nose seems to be sunken and less fatty on one side (especially my right nostril compared to the left) throwing of the symmetry giving the illusion that my nose is crocked and leans to one side and over all is bumpy and un-smooth. Even though my nose is small it can appear large because of its chunkiness. It is thin at the top between my eyes compared to the base and tip, would widening this area be recommended? Over the years of healing my nose has taken on a smaller and better shape and I would like to have one final procedure to improve symmetry and shape. It bothers me every time I look in the mirror and I am aching to get something done about it. Is this the best suited procedure for these problems? I would really like for it to be permanent, is it true that it can be performed permanently with silicon or preferably artefill? It may be hard to imagine what I’m describing because of its awkward shape, I would be happy to email some photos if you like.

  50. Marianne said

    Hi Dr.,

    I am in my mid 30’s and had a nose job when I was 16 and the dr at the time did not finish b/c I was bleeding too much. I do not like my nose at all now and would like to condsider the injectable fillings. I have a very pronounced bump on my nose and the tip is too upturned and not bulbous enough.

    My question to you–
    1. is it possible to have injections in the tip of your nose to make it seem more round and natural? (the quack that did my nose seemed to file off some of the tip so it looks angular)
    2. I understand you can put injections in the bridge to even out the bump but can you also put any around the sides right off the bridge? I can send you a photo but only later b/c I am at work now….

    If you can answer them anyways without photo that would be great!
    thanks in advance,
    best regards,

  51. Marianne said

    HI Dr,
    I’ve done some more research and I have one more question…..I’ve read that after about 2 weeks of the nonsurgical nosejob, your nose can go back to normal and a follow up is needed.
    In your experience, do you see this also?
    If a follow up is needed, do you charge extra for this? if so, how much?
    thanks again!!

  52. drbg said

    Dear Luke: From your description it would seem that surgery would give you the best chance for a permanent result because the surgery would allow smoothing down of the irregular bumpy contour and placement of cartilage struts to give some lasting support . Although you named some long-term fillers, I cannot say for sure whether or not the results would be permanent.
    I hope this helps you. Dr. Genter

  53. drbg said

    Dear Marianne: The injections can camouflage the hump and accent the tip to some extent. I have also injected along the sides to improve the contour from the front view. Aside from this blog, you sent me photos of your nose to my office email address. From your photos it looks like you could definitely benefit from non-surgical techniques. Also, the fillers do not disappear in 2 weeks. I have patients come back in 2-3 weeks to gradually build up the result rather than over-correct and have to remove some of the injected material. I would be pleased to see you in my office. The number is 215-572-7744 if you care to call for an appointment. Thanks for your questions. Dr. Genter

  54. Paula Jones said

    Dear Dr. Genter,

    I love the non-surgical nosejob. It has definitely changed my life for the better. My nose is straighter now, and I have received many compliments. Nobody makes fun of me anymore! I never thought I could have this confidence, but after the non-surgical nosejob, I’m a more confident person!

    Everyone who is unhappy with their nose should definitely get a non-surgical nose job. There’s no pain involved and it’s a lot less expensive than a real nosejob. Take it from someone who has had this procedure done- I love it!


  55. drbg said

    Dear Paula: Thanks for such a lovely note. Messages like this make my day! It really took only about 5 minutes, and I will always remember how you were all smiles after you saw yourself in the mirror. I’m looking forward to your next visit.

    Dr. Genter

  56. Chris said

    Dear Sir,
    I want to know that do these injections just fill the place above or side of the bridge?Can it not bring the hump down rather than making it straight by adding some volume above the bridge or on the sides?I mean to say that when the injections are used,can it not loosen the hump so as it can be shaped in the way one wants it to be (kind of clay-like).


  57. drbg said

    Dear Chris: If only it was possible. Ths nasal hump is made out of bone and cartilage, so only surgery can physically lower a hump. The most one can expect from a non-surgical nose job by injections is to camouflage the hump.

    Thank you for your interest. Dr. Genter

  58. Serina said

    i had a nose job about two yrs ago and i was about 17 now im 19 and im going under the knife again.. i have a c shaped nose.. and my surgeon said that the c shape will always be there he cant do anything about it but try to make the other side similar and create another c shape on my right side.. do u think its a good idea that i stick with this surgeon or should i try to go see other surgeons.. and see wut they have to say.. please get back to me.. do u think i should go with the non surgical nose job..

    • drbg said

      Dear Serina: Without examining you I cannot really comment on your surgeon’s recommendation. I would suggest a second opinion, though, from another experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. If you live in the Philadelphia area I would be happy to examine you.
      Thank you for writing. Dr. Genter

  59. B-Roy said

    Dear Sir, as an african american male, I hae weak bone structure and a small nose which doesn’t look right for my face, could this procedure help widen my nose? Also, is there a way for this procedure to make the nostrils look bigger?

    • drbg said

      Dear B-Roy: Non-surgical techniques can be used to widen the nose as well as add height to the nasal bridge. The nostrils could not be widened, however. The need to augment the nose is common among my patients with African and Asian backgrounds. Surgically I do this with cartilage grafting or with nasal implants.
      Thank you for your letter. Dr. Genter

  60. Sarah said

    Dear Sir,
    if you have a long nose,and it is pointy,
    what should i do to make it smaller?
    i have low esteem from my nose,
    and i want to be happy.
    so what can i do to make my nose,
    the way i want it to be?

    • drbg said

      Dear Sarah: Injections for a non-surgical “nose job” can make the nose seem smaller by camouflaging a nasal hump to make the bridge seem straighter. The tip can also be accentuated slightly with the fillers. Without seeing your pictures I cannot say exactly what can help you. You can email photos to me at drbg1@aol.com if you like and I can comment further.
      I appreciate your interest in my blog. Dr. Genter

  61. Brooke said

    Dear Dr.Genter,
    Okay well im 14.and honestly im not happy of what i look like,i mean im simply having the same problem as Olivia,
    butt i cant go anywhere without feeling as if someone is only looking at my nose.i cry alot,because of it.
    and i have talked to my parents,butt like all parents say “You are beautiful as you are”,which honestly i think that is loads of crap.well,my nose is to long,it is pointy,and i have a hump,i would send you a pic.butt i dont thinkk it is aloud on this thing.but i just want to look in the mirror and not cry,i want to look in that mirror,and say “Wow im Beautiful”.but i cant because i know im not.i get made fun of alot of it.but also i do have a counselor.and i have talked to him about it,but he said the same thing what my parent said.im not going to kill myself or anything,i just want to be happy for once,i dont even like taking pictures,or even walking in class because i think people will make fun of me,it truly does hurt really bad.i want to be a beautiful girl,and i look at everybody elses nose,and they are basically perfect,and then i look at mine,and it makes me cry,i feel unpretty and i dont like that feeling,i ask my friends if they think my nose is big,and they say no,but i know it is big,if people i dont like say it is big.even my brothers friends,maybe if i do gett plastic surgey,maybe i will have a higher self esteem.butt i know you are probably thinking,im a immature little girl just worrying about things that arent that big,but to me it is.
    so thank you for your time.

    • drbg said

      Dear Brooke: I am sorry you are having this difficulty. Perhaps if you show your parents this blog they can see that there are non-surgical ways to help you. You are a little young for nasal surgery right now. You can email me photos at drbg1@aol.com if you want some more specific comments about your nose.
      Good luck. Dr. Genter

  62. KC said

    Hi I am 25, and have always wanted a nose job, but never wanted it to be such a painful, long recovery, and obvious process. I am just learning about the non-surgical process and I am hoping it can be an option for me. My nose is rather long. It is very strait but the part that bothers me is the the cartilage between my nostrils. It hangs down in a half moon shape and looks horrible from the profile view and also the view looking from below, up towards my nose. Is it possible to correct this part of my nose, somehow offset it, using the nonsurgical option? If so, how much does it cost and I would really like to have it done permanantly. How much is the artefill filler?

    • drbg said

      Dear KC: The injections may be able to camouflage your problem area, but without photos I cannot say for sure. You can email me photos at drbg1@aol.com and I can give you a better opinion. Also, if you live in the Philadelphia area I would be pleased to see you. Keep in mind that the injections add material to the nose, so the nose is not actually made smaller. We are just creating an improvement in contour. Regarding Artefille- the company went out of business so this material is no longer available.
      Thank you for your question. Dr. Genter

  63. mi said

    Dear Dr.Genter,

    I am a 21 year old female college student, live in the area, and am seriously considering this procedure. My nose does not have many problems other than a a small bump on the bridge of my nose that has affected my self-esteem for my entire life. I can visualize what it would look like if the bridge of my nose was filled out, and I think it would be great. I was always scared that getting traditional rhinoplasty would be too harsh and my nose would not match my full lips. I was wondering if the price is always $600, or does it depend on exactly how much filler is used? Also, are there any payment-plan options available. I am very interested in this, but being a college student makes it a little difficult.

    Also, do you take appointments immediately or do you patients usually have to make one far in advance?


    • Hi and thank you for writing. Dr. Genter is in surgery today, but I saw your questions and thought you would appreciate a quick response. I am the practice director and can answer most of them, however… I will make sure Dr. Genter sees your questions as well!
      Without actually having you come for a visit, it’s difficult to say exactly what the result would be. I can however, tell you that I personally had this done and am THRILLED with the result. We can bring you in right away and no, the price is always different. We have many options in terms of payment plans but this procedure costs less than you think! Please give me a call if you would like to come in and I will be more than happy to discuss everything in greater detail.
      Our office number is 215.572.7744 and you may ask for me directly.
      I look forward to hearing from you!

    • drbg said

      Dear Mi: I see that Jessica responded to your question. I would be very happy to see you in my office so we can determine if the “non-surgical nose job” is appropriate for you. Also, if you only need a little amount of filler material, the fee will be less because we can use a smaller size syringe. We proceed gradually so you can be part of the process and so we can avoid over-correction.
      Thank you for your question. Dr. Genter

  64. Katie said

    Dear Dr.Genter,

    I am 15 years old and I am very interested in this procedure. I have a bump in the middle of my nose and I am very paranoid that people will look at me from the side and notice it. I always make sure that when I talk to people they will me facing me, and I always turn away if they look at me from the side. I see it everytime I am in a picture and it is starting to make my self-esteem lower. I live in Connecticut and I was wondering if you perform precedures around here or know of any places that perfom this non-surgical nose job. My mother always discourages me to get a real nose job, because of surgical mistakes or errors, so when I heard of this, I was very excited. I like the tip of my nose and the top, but the bump in the middle is very pronounced. I was wondering if this procedure would make my nose look bigger than what it actually is. I also asked the soctor if I had a deviated septum, because I have a difficult time breathing through my nose, and he said I did not have one. Would this surgery help with my breathing? Thank-you and I look forward to your answers!!!
    From, Katie

    • drbg said

      Dear Katie: The “nonsurgical nose job” is extremely effective for making a nasal hump less obvious, so your mother may approve of this. This technique involves injections of filler materials above and below the nasal hump along the bridge to create a straighter contour. This procedure cannot be used to improve your nasal breathing. My office is in the Philadelphia area, so I cannot personally inject your nose unless you actually visit my office, but you can call around your area to see if any plastic surgeons in Connecticut can help you. Thank you for your questions . Dr Genter

  65. Sarah said

    Dear Dr Genter

    My name is Sarah, I am 29 years old and interested in this procedure. I have a straight, long nose, I am happy with my nose except for the tip which is droppy and slightly bulky, I want to change the tip. I would like the tip lifted and to appear less bulky. I would never have cosmetic surgery because I am too nervous. I have been waiting a long time for an alternative to the ‘nose job’ to appear. I have some questions. Which I have listed below.I am not concerned about cost, my concerns are focused on possible health and physical appearence risks. My main concern is that the tip of my nose may be lifed too much with this procedure, I dont want to have a nose like Miss Piggy(I am referring to Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog)

    Juvéderm™, Restylaneä , Radiesse™, and Artefill, these are 100% natural?
    What are these substances derived from? which is the most natural substance?
    Is there a substance that lasts 6 months, a short period of time?
    Can I bring my mother with me into the clinic, for support?
    Will I be able to see my nose changing in front of me (thats if I have a mirror of course)
    Can tips be lifted too much to the point that I have a Miss Piggy type tip?
    Can the substance be removed with ease if something goes wrong?
    Is there the possibility of a reaction/infection?
    If there was a reaction what is the worse case scenerio for a patient?
    Can the procedure be painful and how long does it take?

    I am Sorry to ask so many questions of you but I am very serious about having this procedure done before my 30th Birthday.

    Thank you very much


    • drbg said

      Dear Sarah: I am sorry I took so long to answer, but I was out of town and (unbelievably) away from a computer. From what you describe, injections with fillers may make your nasal tip seem more bulky, so fillers may not be an appropriate solution for you. Sometimes an injection of Botox at the base of the nose (where the nose meets the upper lip) can weaken the muscle that pulls the nose down, creating a slight lift. I doubt that any non-surgical technique can create a “Miss Piggy” appearance. Once the Botox is injected, the result is not apparent for 7-10 days and is irreversible for 3-5 months. The procedure takes about 2 seconds, and any discomfort will last but a moment. The worse case scenario is that you dislike the result and have to wait until the Botox wears off. The risk of infection negligible. Your mother can certainly accompany you to my office, but from your email address it looks like you like in Great Britain. I would expect that a plastic surgeon closer to home could help you. If not, I would be happy to see you.

      Your questions about the various fillers are not really relevant, so I would suggest that you visit the web sites for more information. The company that makes Artefill went bankrupt in this country, but it may be available in the UK.

      Thank you for your question. Dr. Genter

  66. Brittanie said

    Dear Dr.Genter,

    I am 15 years old and i am also interested in this procedure. I have the same nose as the picture on this website and I was just wondering if you can make it look smaller than what hers has turned out to be. I hate getting my picture taken and when people look at me. I also have people at my school making fun of me. My mom will not let me get surgery until I am 18, I do not want to wait that long. I really like this idea of non-surgical nose jobs!
    thanks, brittanie

    • drbg said

      Dear Brittanie: As I explained to Sarah, I was unable to answer your question immediately. The “non-surgical nose job” technique to camouflage a nasal hump requires that fillers be injected above and below the hump to make the hump less obvious. Therefore, the nose cannot be made smaller because we are actually adding material to the nose. We are just trying to create an illusion of a smaller nose by hiding the hump.

      Thank you for writing to my blog. Dr. Genter

  67. CG said

    ok so im 16 years old and i have two issues with my appearance i would like to fix, im black and would like to have rhino plasty and fat transfer to my cheeks , the reason for this is my nose i feel is too narrow and i was wondering if one or a mixture of these procedures could help me also my cheeks seem to be not as plump as they used to be and i believe its because i started smoking, i would really like to hear what you think . ps i live in the uk , do you know if it is possible to get fat transfers to the cheeks here without parental consent?

    • drbg said

      Dear CG: You are asking some very specific questions and it is not possible for me to answer your questions without a consultation and examination. I suggest that you visit a plastic surgeon closer to home for an evaluation. I would imagine that in most countries a minor needs parental consent for medical treatments.
      Thanks for contacting my blog. Dr. Genter

  68. Namrata said

    Dear Dr. Genter

    i would like to talk to you about my nose. its like long and has a bump at the bottom im not too satisfied with it and i dont really like it much and my mom said its fine but shes just saying that cause shes my mom…is there any way a non surgical nose job can help me? and how much will it cost? & btw im from NJ

    • drbg said

      Dear Namrata: I appologize for the delay in answering your question. I had several questions on 1 day and I guess yours got lost in the shuffle. The injection technique for the “non-surgical nose job” may be able to camouflage the bump on your nose, but I cannot say for sure without seeing some pictures of your nose from different angles or, better yet since you live in New Jersey and I am just outside of Philadelphia, examining you personally. The cost depends on how much material we need to inject and can range from $350 to $700.
      Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  69. nil said

    how much does a “non-surgical nose job” cost.. in the uk?
    i really hate my nose. by lookin at the side view, it tends to stick out and look enourmous
    is there anyway i can possibly fix this problem?

    please write back;

    thank you

    • drbg said

      Dear Nil: I really do not know what a “non-surgical nose job” would cost in the U.K. because each doctor sets his or her own prices for injections and other treatments. I suggest you see a plastic surgeon in your area to see if this is the right solution to your problem.
      Thanks for writing and good luck. Dr. Genter

  70. nil said

    is it possible 4 doing it for free

    • drbg said

      Dear Nil: Anything is possible, but I doubt you will find a doctor to do this treatment for free unless the doctor is offering free treatments to learn the technique. I recommend that you be careful.
      Good luck. Dr. Genter

  71. lisa said

    can u get nose job in uk at 15 with consent im really down i get bullied because its to big and crooket i feel like suocide sometimes

    • drbg said

      Dear Lisa: At your age I believe you will need parental consent for any procedure. While a rhinoplasty could improve your self-esteem, I am more concerned about your thoughts of suicide because of the appearance of your nose. Kids can be cruel, especially if they detect a weakness in somebody they can latch onto. We all have flaws and we all must learn to focus less on them and more on our strengths and good qualities. I urge you to discuss your feelings with your parents or another adult you trust.
      Good luck, Dr. Genter

  72. Katie said

    Dr. Genter,

    I read an article saying that if you rub your nose with water it will make the size of your nose smaller. I was wondering if this was true and if it is dangerous to do and if it would do any harm to the bone. I am 15 years old and I have a small bump on my nose and I cannot afford any type of procedure to alter it. Thank-you very much.

  73. drbg said

    Dear Katie: Unfortunately, rubbing water or anything else on your nose will not change the size-either smaller or larger. The “non-surgical nose job” can cost as little as $350. I realize that this is not exactly as cheap as water, but it may not be as expensive as you thought it would be.

    Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  74. Katie said

    Dr. Genter,
    I was wondering if I would be able to have the filler injected on one part of my nose. (the top part because i have a bump on my nose) I was also wondering if this would decrease the price at all. I really would love to have this procedure but I live in Connecticut and I was wondering if you knew of any places nearer to me. Thanks so much.

  75. Mike said

    Dr. Genter,

    I had a rhinoplasty about 12 years ago to build my nose bridge using cartilage from my ear. It was a semi-success. While the bridge of my nose has been raised substantially, there is a partial “hanging columella” — it is not that obvious, but I would really like extra projection. Would Radiesse be able to rectifying the problem? Is the procedure complicated? Are there any risks involved?

    As I’m currently based in Asia where the use of Radiesse is not wide-spread, I am wondering if a doctor who is proficient in botox procedures would have the necessary skills to help me using Radiesse.

    Your help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  76. Nicole said

    Hi, I was wondering if a non surgical nose job could sort of lift the nose from the tip. When I put my finger between my nostrils and push up underneath the ball of my nose, my nose looks smaller, straighter, and overall much better. I’m curious to know if a non surgical nose job could do this.
    Thanks for reading

  77. drbg said

    Dear Katie: When you use a filler for anything (non-surgical nose job, filling in wrinkles, etc.) you purchase a syringe of the filler. If you need less material, then the price is less if a small syringe of the material is available. Radiesse, the material I inject in noses, comes in small and large syringes. If all you need is an injection just above the nasal hump, then you probably need only a small syringe.
    I do not know off-hand who in Connecticut does injection for the nose so I suggest you call around to local plastic surgeons. I trained at Yale University in New Haven, and I would assume that any of my colleagues associated with Yale’s Plastic Surgery Department could help you.

    Thank you for your question. Dr. Genter

  78. drbg said

    Dear Mike: Radiesse or any filler injection may camouflage a hanging columella, but I cannot say for sure without examining you. Any filler will work. I like Radiesse for the nose because of its longevity. As an aside, the hanging columella is not related to the cartilage graft in your nasal bridge, and a surgical correction may not be too difficult. Again, I cannot be sure without examining you.

    Skill with Botox does not imply skill with any type of nasal correction, surgical or non-surgical, so I suggest you see a few doctors with experience in nasal enhancement. The procedure in not complicated if the doctor understands nasal esthetics. Since the filler material is not permanent, the worst that can happen is that you waste some money and/or you have to wait for an unsatisfactory result to absorb and disappear.

    Thanks for your interest in my blog. Dr. Genter

  79. drbg said

    Dear Nicole: It is possible that an injection of filler into the columella, the fleshy part of your nose between your nostrils, may add some support that could lift your nasal tip. An examination would be necessary to see if this treatment could really work for you.

    Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  80. Madison said

    Dr. Genter,
    I am 15 years old and I have a nasal hump on my nose, as I look around and see other girls my age with perfectly straight noses, I can’t help but get a little self-concious. I would really only like half of the filler injected in my nose, because I do believe that the nose gives your face character. How much would it cost to have half of a syringe injected in my nose? Also, I was wondering if since I am only 15 if I can even have this procedure done. How long do the results of this procedure normally last? Also, do you think that my nasal hump will continue to grow or if it will stop growing when I have reached the full stages of development? Thank-you very much.

    • drbg said

      Dear Madison: At age 15 you may still be growing, so we generally would wait another year or 2 before doing surgery on your nose. Using a filler to camouflage the nasal hump in the meantime is a good solution if you are self conscious, and I have used this to help other patients your age. I like to use Radiesse for the injections, and the results last 9 to 12 months. We have small syringes of Radiesse for patients who only need a small quantity. In our office, the cost is $350, but the price may vary from office to office. If the Philadelphia area is convenient for you to reach, I would be happy to help you.
      Thanks for your questions. Dr. Genter

  81. Chris said

    Dear Sir,
    I want to know that if there is even a pinch of risk in this new procedure?And also please tell me,whether in every case is it possible to make the nose look symmetric from the front view?and after the effect of fillers is over by 8 to 10 months,then does the nose retain back to its exact original shape?


    • drbg said

      Dear Chris: EVERY procedure has some risk. For any non-surgical injection technique there are risks that range from bruising to allergic reactions (very rare) to not liking the result. Whether you like the result or not, however, the material eventually all gets absorbed and the area is restored to the original shape. It is possible to make a nose look more symmetrical from the front view. Symmetry is never exact in nature, so I never say we can achieve exact symmetry. We try for reasonable symmetry, and this can be achieved is most cases.
      Thank you for writing. Dr. Genter

  82. bobbi said


    I have had a previous rhinoplasty and now feel that my tip is too narrow and not as elevated as I’d like, looking much longer now. And it seems to droop down now as well. I miss my old nose. Can the tip be widened slightly and elevated (more turned up)with a filler?

    • drbg said

      Dear Bobbi: Without seeing your nose I cannot say for sure, but generally fillers can be used to widen a nasal tip. Fillers with or without Botox can be used to elevate a tip.
      Thank you for writing. Dr. Genter

  83. marc said

    You injected the patient in the base of the nose bridge (between the eyes)…i want that to but how deep does the needle get penetrated…to the bone, cartilage, or just under the skin?

    is it possible to hit a nerve/vein, arteries, or effect the sinisus?

    i know that it will make the bridge higher but will it also make it wider..spreading out?

    • drbg said

      Dear Marc: I inject the Radiesse just on top of the bone as I find that this helps me make a smooth contour. Though it is theoretically possible to hit a blood vessel or nerve, this is very rare, and the sinuses are not penetrated. The injections can make the bridge higher, wider, or both, depending on where the filler is injected.
      I hope this answers your questions. Dr. Genter

  84. marc said

    thanks dr. genter, i just want the higher bridge but want to avoid it becoming wider…is this possible?

    • drbg said

      Dear Marc: It is possible by limiting the injections along the center of the nasal bridge and minimzing any treatment to the sides.
      Dr. Genter

  85. Mike said

    Dear doctor, could the non surgical nose procedure be done manually by the patient themselves if all it takes is a filler and some shaping?

  86. John said

    Hi, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this, but it is a nose-shaping device that claims to reduce the size of one’s nose by reshaping its cartilage. Cartilage is made up of water so this product claims it can restructure it and make the nose smaller. Is this a scam? it is called Nosehuggies. Website here: http://www.nosehuggies.com

    Those photos, it claims, are real and before and after when using the device. 15 minutes a day, for around 2-3 weeks usage. What do you think?

    • drbg said

      Dear John: I looked at the Nosehuggies web site, as I had never heard of the product till I received your e-mail. The devise seems to squeeze the nose cartilages to a thinner shape, but it does not help a nasal hump, which is the primary function of the “non-surgical nose job.” The fillers can also selectively widen areas to camouflage irregularities. It is not clear from any of the web site discussion if Nosehuggie users have to wear the devises 15 minutes per day forever or can eventually stop.
      Thanks for writing, Dr. Genter

      • Callum said

        Hi Doctor, basically wondering if you could ansewer some questions about the ‘nose huggie’ that would really help. I have a bolbous nose (my bridge is fine and not a worry at all) and I am seriously considering buying this product. As I can’t afford a nose job and I have yet to hear of somebody over the internet who has used the nose huggie saying it doesnt work, I think it might be genuine. However I was wondering if you think the concept it proposes could work as it claims because the cartiledge is 75% water and therefore through regular use the tip of the nose should appear smaller/thinner after two or three weeks and after contunual use you can get the desired thinness in your nose and it will remain this way.

        However I am still sceptical, so do you think it’s a scam? is it medically possible that this product could create the desired effect? My final question is, on the site (www.nosehuggies.com)they have two ‘before and after’ pictures. Would you be able to tell if these are genuine or in fact just two people who have had rhinoplasty’s, posing as those who have used the nose huggie? As there are pretty much the result I would love to hve from using the nose huggie.

        Sorry for all the questions, just like a lot of people on this forum, I hate my nose and it really gets me down and it would change my life if the tip of my nose was thinner and in proportion with the rest of my nose and face

        Thank you

      • drbg said

        Drear Callum: I have had several inquiries about nose huggies on this blog. If they do work, they seem to thin the nasal width. I cannot tell if the photos are real. To be realistic, the most you can lose is $20 if it is a scam, so why not give it a try? It’s so much cheaper than surgery that maybe it is worth $20 to find out. Keep us posted.
        Dr. Genter

      • Garett said

        I know to don’t know much about nose huggies, but I was wondering if I try it, will it be dangerous for my nose?

      • drbg said

        Dear Garett: While I have no experience with Nose Huggies, I cannot imagine how it could harm your nose.
        Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  87. Aadam Karn said

    hi doc. could you tell me if there are any known side effects. Surely its a foreign body. Could the filler liquidify and course problems???? or cause irritations.


    • drbg said

      Dear Aadam: The fillers placed in the nose have been used for cosmetic injections all over the face. Their safety is proven and side effects are rare. Also, the fillers are not permanent and generally last about a year in the nose.
      I hope this answers your questions. Dr. Genter

  88. ana said

    i am very self concious of my nose it has a big bump,long big and wide and since im 15 i think it might get bigger i used to press my nose to make the tip of my bose more pointier and now im worried it might droop faster from stretching the cartiliage too much can fillers reduce the drooping of my nose? and how much are fillers?

    • drbg said

      Dear Ana: I strongly doubt that pressing your nose did anything to change the shape of your nasal cartilage, so stop worrying. I have used fillers to raise the nasl tip as well as camouflage a nasal hump, so the non-surgical injection technique could be useful in your situation. I generally use Radiesse, and we charge $700 for a large syringe and $350 for a small syringe, depending on how much material is needed. Prices in other offices may vary, but if you live near Philadelphia I would love to help you.
      Thank you for writing, Dr. Genter

  89. gevo said


    • drbg said

      Dear Gevo: I just learned about the Nose Huggie at the beginning of this month and there are some blog entries you can read. I really do not know if the device works or not. From my reading at the web site and the comments, the best the Nose Huggie can do is narrow the width of the nose, but it does not camouflage a nasal hump or add any support to the nasal tip like the injections do with a “non-surgical nose job.”
      Good luck. Dr. Genter

  90. Boss said

    What about the mole?

    • drbg said

      Dear Boss: To some it’s a mole and to others it’s a beauty mark. But the blog is about the nose.
      Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  91. john said


    i am 20 years old and i have a nose with not a straight profil

    each time i pull the skin between my eyes my nose looks perfect and straight

    is it possible too use artefill so that the skin will be filled and make the profil with a straght nose?

    also is there a problem if i have a lasik eye operation?

    and what are the dangers of artefill or radiesse?

    i saw a woman in a show complaining about her face they injected her some kind of filler and she looked like a hippo.

    can cancer may appear because of a filler?

    which is the worst it can happen?

    thank you waiting for your answer…


    • drbg said

      Dear John: Artefill is not available anymore in the US, so I use Radiesse. The only real dangers with any filler injection (aside from infection or allergic reactions) is a poor result that will resolve over time. I suspect that the lady who “looked like a hippo” was the victim of poor technique. Fillers do not cause cancer. From your description, I think Radiesse injections could help your problems with your nose. Finally, Lasik has no relationship to Radiesse injections.
      Thanks for writing, Dr. Genter

  92. john said

    thank you for your answer

    is there a newer filler waiting to be approved by fda and maybe will be or last forever and be healthier?

    i am in europe

    what other options of fillers do i have?

    is artefill available in europe?

    shall i go first radiesse and after a year artefill?

    can i send you pics to your mail to tell me if it can be done?

    i read somewhere that if you have thin skin you get injectables,is it true?

    thank you again

    • drbg said

      Dear John: I cannot really say that fillers are healthy-like they actually improve your health. They are safe- meaning they do not harm you. I am not sure what is available in Europe at this time or exactly what is eventually going to be approved in the US. Injectables do work with thin skin, but there is a limit to the advice I can give with photos. I recommend that you find a physician in your area to examine you properly and discuss your options.
      Dr. Genter

  93. Kaylan Fittzgerald said


    I’m only 12 years old [I know that’s young] but I hate my nose! It’s got this horrid bump on it and I hate looking at it in the mirror. Would it be possible for me to get a non-surgical nose job, or would I have to wait a little longer?

    Please reply!

  94. drbg said

    Dear Kaylan: You are young and I hope you are not letting this issue spoil your life. You are definitely too young for surgery. I think you should talk this over with your parents. Because a “non-surgical nose job” is not permanent and is relatively easy to do, it is a safe and appropriate, though temporary, solution for your problem as long as your parents agree.
    Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  95. Kyle H said

    Hello doctor,

    I’m a 15 year old male and I have a moderatly sized nose, but what bothers me is the nasal hump I have. Will I grow into my nose and will the nasal bump disappear?


    • drbg said

      Dear Kyle: I hate to say it, but it is unlikely that the nasal hump will become less obvious as you grow older. As you pass through puberty, your facial bones as well as the ribs, spine, and bones of the arms and legs begin to grow to their adult sizes. All of these changes can be jarring at first, but often we then get used to our new appearances. Good luck, and thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  96. Jason said

    Hello, I was wondering if the nonsurgical nose job can make your teeth show more when you smile, as it is supposed to lift the tip of the nose if done properly. Would more teeth show in the smile? Thank you.

    • drbg said

      Dear Jason: The non-surgical nose job cannot lift the upper lip. I can use filler injections to lift the nasal tip because the material can push against the base of the nose to lift the tip. During surgery I place cartilage struts to permanantly do this job. There is no way to inject any material to pull the upper lip in an upward direction to show more of the teeth when you smile. However, if a smile shows too much of the teeth, Botox can be injected to weaken the upward pull of the lip to decrease the visibility of the teeth.
      Thank you for your question. Dr. Genter

  97. Siya said

    Dear doctor, I am from India. 1year ago i had undergone a nose job after convincing my parents a lot who were against it. Now post-surgery my nose is straight but the bottom is not so well. One side of the nostril is slightly bigger than the other. But now nobody is agreeing to it nd i m not given permission to do another surgery. I am depressed. Can u please suggest me if i can use another option which is non-surgical and available in india? Plese help me. M waitin for ur reply. Thank you

    • drbg said

      Dear Siya: There is no non-surgical way to make your nostrils look more even. But, let me give you some perspective. Perfect symmetry does not exist in nature and it does not exist after surgery. Although we can always notice our own imperfections, these imperfections may not be obvious to others. I can assure you that nobody is paying that much attention to your nostrils. Have you discussed this issue with your surgeon, because a nostril can be reduced in the office under local anesthesia. If your surgeon sees a significant asymmetry, maybe this can be presented to your parents as a touch-up of the original surgery. Personally, I perform little touch-ups (like scar revisions, taking a tiny bit more fat after liposuction, etc.) after surgery I performed for no charge. On the other hand, if your surgeon does not see a difference, I would just forget about it. Sometimes, pursuing that last tiny bit of perfection can lead to problems.
      I hope you find this answer useful. It is the best advice I can give. Dr. Genter

  98. Siya said

    Dear doctor,
    Thank you so much for your kind advice. It has helped me to an extent. I haven’t spoken to my surgeon yet about it, because he along with my parents think that i have some psychological problem (which is not true!!!) Somebody mentioned about ‘huggies’ and ‘fillings’. Can you please explain it? I would thankfull to you. Are they easily available in market? (India?)

    • drbg said

      Dear Siya: I never heard of nose “fillings” but Nose Huggies are said to narrow the nose by compressing the nasal cartilages. They would have no value in adjusting nostril size. I have no idea whether or not Nose Huggies really work, but they are not very expensive. With regard to availability in India, you can find the Nose Huggie web site on Google to learn about the product and the availability.
      Good luck, Dr. Genter

  99. Mary-Anne said

    Hi doctor, i have actually purchased this nose huggie from nosehuggies.com and it does actually work in making your nose much thinner, i use to have a fat tip and bulbous tip now it’s thinner and my nose in general is smaller.

    i have also noticed this recently, it has drastically reduced the small bump i had on my nose bridge. i’m not sure how it did this but maybe the cartilage spread because of the pressure from the sides. i know that my nose now has a straight type bridge instead of looking like it has a broken bump

    one thing i must warn people is you have to be very patient with this thing.. it took me a good 3 weeks of constant use @ 20 minutes a day

    • drbg said

      Dear Mary-Anne: I’ll have to take your word for it since I have no experience with the product. I also have no idea if the result is permanent since cartlage is living tissue and can change with time. To readers of this blog: though I display comments about Nose Huggies on the blog, at this time I am in no way endorsing the product because I am not familiar with it. To be honest, I can’t even be sure that the blogs posted about Nose Huggies haven’t been planted here for some free marketing (no insult intended, Mary-Anne, but things like that do happen). I actually learned about Nose Huggies from another blogger to this site. So, I hope evrybody finds the discussion interesting, and thank you for writing, Mary-Anne. Dr. Genter

  100. sunny said

    hi i had a nose job when i was 21 my nephew hit me by accident with a hair brush and my nose bone top bit got bent so i got it straighten but after the operation the nose bone middle was not set right and one side of the nose was silently rise but you could not notice it that much.

    anyw i decide to do another operation to straight the bone but inside with further discussion i decide to put a silicon implant size 3 in my nose and had the tip reduced. This made my nose go super big and long which i hated.

    so then i told my doctor to remove everything i want my old nose back so a month later he removed the silicon implant. i thought he reversed the nasal tip plasty but he never. now my nose is straight but the side nose right side of do nose has gone in like before but it is more noticable because the nose before was round and wide so you could not tell so much but now it is looks slimmer but the middle looks squeeze and big and popin out of my nose.

    im not sure what to do i want my old nose back as in the tip to go wide again and the height to go low again so it is not noticable because he put in 2 alar bases fix like a number 8 and the dome of the tip was fixed 2mm higher than before.

    im not sure what i shud do because it has been 7months since the last operation and the last time was scary because i found it hard to wake up. my old suggested i have non surgical nose job but im not sure that is what i would as i just want my wide round nose back.

    can you please tell me what i should do?

    • drbg said

      Dear Sunny: I find it difficult to advise you what to do because it seems that during this entire process you have not been sure yourself how you want your nose to look. If tissue was removed from your alar base, I doubt if that can be corrected to widen it again. Before having anymore surgery you should wait at least 1 year following your last operation. You could have a non-surgical treatment in the meantime. Before having ANY treatment, however, I recommend you find a surgeon who can do some computer imaging so you can once and for all figure out how you want your nose to look and what is anatomically possible at this point. I do this at all my consultations for nasal surgery. It is a fabulous technique for doctor-patient communication.
      Good luck. Dr. Genter

  101. Siya said

    Thnx once again doctor. I hv been searchin like mad as many website i can regrds nose huggies. Every blog is just prais in it. But nobody is stating where 1 cn order it from. I am so much frustratd. I just wanna kn whthr i can undrgo a surgery once again? So that i can equify my nostrils. Wil is b costlier? Painful? M 22 yrs. its been a yr since i had my last job done. Wil i have to were all tht stuff again? Bear Swollenness? Cz dis time it wil b only stiches n not infrastructr. Wil it b a 1 day job? TK CR

    • drbg said

      Dear Siya: Don’t look for blogs. Go to nosehuggies.com. As for your other questions, you need a face to face consultation. I cannot really give you any answers without examining you.
      Dr. Genter

  102. Siya said


  103. Garett said

    I know you don’t know that much about nose huggies, but I was wondering if it will be a risque or be dangerous to try a nose huggies. My dad doesn’t want me to have it unless he has proof that it is not dangerous of some sort to just trying it.

  104. Sally said

    Hi Dr.

    Im 16 and i have a small round nose, is it possible that this procedure can make my nose pointier. and if not how much do you think my rhinoplasty surgery is going to cost?

    • drbg said

      Dear Sally: The non-surgical nose job injections can make your tip look more sculpted, possibly pointier. I don’t like to give prices for surgical procedures on the blog because prices vary regionally and from practice to practice.
      Thanks for writing, Dr. Genter

  105. Clark said

    Hey Drbg,

    I have a nose that is a little wide towards the bottom, I was wondering if injections would give me a better bridge thus leaving the illusion of a more defined, smaller nose…

    • drbg said

      Dear Clark: The injections are great for altering the nasal bridge. Before actually having the injections, perhaps some computer imaging would be useful to see the potential results.
      Good luck, Dr. Genter

  106. patti said

    Can pressing, pushing, rubbing and bumping on one’s nose cause any change to the bones or cartilage over the course of 2 years or so? I think I may have changed the size and pointiness of the bones in my nose by doing this every day for 2 years. I see a difference in the mirror and in pictures. I definitely have a bigger hump than I used to. I am 19 and started this when I was 17. Thank you

    • drbg said

      Dear Patty: To my knowledge, the actions you described do not change the shape of a nose. Do you think there is a chance that you had some general growth in the past 2 years, your nose included?
      Dr. Genter

  107. Sally said

    Thankyou for your information.

    but, i have one concern over this matter. Does this procedure have any side effects especially too someone who has many types of allergies.

  108. Llellina said

    Hi DRBG,

    I had rhinoplasty 10 months ago and the DR released the depressor muscle, so that my tip didn’t drop when I smile. The problem is that my nasolabial angle changed, before I had more curvature on the area where columella connects with the upper lip and more upper tooth exposure when my lips were at rest, and now that area that was curved is straight, little longer and I have less upper tooth exposure. I was wondering if there is any way to get my old nasolabial angle back and regain that curvature on the area between columella and upper lip?, can the depressor muscle get stronger with time and get the old nasolabial angle back?, Is there anyway to create that curvature by adding fillers?, If not is there any surgical way to do this? you mentioned that Botox can relax the muscle that makes the tip drop when you smile, but after 5 or 6 months it comes back to normal, can this happen in my case? Also the DR reduced the bump on the bridge and my tip came in a little bit, can this be causing the change on the angle and the upper lip to drop?

    Thanks a lot

    • drbg said

      Dear Llellina: From what you describe, the depressor muscle release did exactly what it was supposed to do- lessen the curve between the columellar base and the lip, and lengthen the upper lip so not as much lip shows. Usually this is a desired effect because the attachment of the columella to the upper lip is so tight before surgery. I cannot predict if the muscles will re-attach because the goal of the release is to prevent re-attachment. Injections with fillers can restore the curve at the columellar base. Finally, if the tip of your nose has descended after surgery, perhaps you can discuss a revision with your surgeon.
      I hope you find this useful. Thanks for your question. Dr. Genter

  109. silvana said

    hay, im just wondering if the nosehuggie works?

  110. Jane Kim said

    Hi Doctor,
    I am an asian american 18 year old girl, and i was interested in doing the non-surgical nose job because my nose isn’t in VERY BAD condition but its just a little bit flat. But because my nose bridge is very flat it makes my entire face look flat as well. I wanted to know which kind of procedure would be the best for me such as, botox, or the radiesse, artefille,or etc. I just wanted to do the surgery to make my bridge more noticeable, but my question is, is it okay if i come into the hospital and get the procedure done with out a parent consent? My parents said they are not really for or against my decision to get plastic surgery so they said they would not help me nor stop me. Is it possible if i could pay and sign in everything by myself? Thank you so much!

    • drbg said

      Dear Jane: Any filler can raise the nasal bridge a little. If your nose is really flat, a filler may not be enough, however and surgery might be necessary to create the result you are looking for. Sometimes I use your own tissues to build up the bridge, and sometimes I can use a nasal implant. These decisions can only be made at a consultation. Also, since you are 18, you can sign your own consent. It is best, however when you keep your parents involved.
      Thanks for your question. Dr. Genter

  111. pam said

    I have had 2 successful radiesse fillers (0.1 each time) to the bridge of my nose, done 6 months apart. A minor issue I had was some puffiness between my eyebrows, closer to the right side. This happened both times. This is odd being that the radiesse was injected in the bridge, which is a few mm’s lower. why would this happen? another question- with the filler, is there any risk of necrosis between the eyebrows? thanks.


    • drbg said

      Dear Pam: It is possible that some of the Radiesse migrated upward due to massage or action of the muscles at the root of the nose. As long as it looks okay, this should not be a problem. Also, these injections are placed very deep, so skin necrosis is very unlikely.
      I hope this addresses your concerns. Dr. Genter

  112. Madison said

    Dr. Genter,
    Lately I have been feeling really discouraged by my nose, it has a fairly large bump on it for the size of my face. I have tried so many things to decrease the size of it such as the nose huggie (a clip that attaches on to your nose to decrease the bump.) I was just wondering if that would help or just by applying pressure to my nose by rubbing it would help? I dont want plastic suregery, and im not sure how this non surgical nose job would work for me, because it might just make my nose look bigger? Any other suggestions?? Thank you!

    • drbg said

      Dear Madison: Rubbing your nose will not do anything to change the shape of your nose. The non-surgical technique of injections with fillers will not make your nose smaller, but it does make the hump look less obvious. This can create an illusion of a smaller nose because the hump does not protrude as much.
      I hope this info helps you. Dr. Genter

  113. Missy said

    Dear Dr. Genter,
    I am not particularly unhappy with my nose but want my face to look more symmetrical. I believe the source of my slight dilemma is my nose. First, i would like to say that i am biracial African and Filipino. Second, i think my nostrils are a tad too wide, like im talking a few mm. so not a major problem but irritating all the same. By close examination of my face i feel that i should either have the size of my nostrils reduced somehow or have a more defined bridge that will take away from the width of my nostrils. I even think that a tug upwards of the skin or skin tightening would do the trick. In your professional opinion do you think this non surgical option will work for my situation. If not what do you advise for me. PS if you need pictures i have some! =)

    Thanks in Advance!

    • drbg said

      Dear Missy: Sorry for the delay in this reply but I was away from home with limited internet access. If you need to reduce the width of your nose, I recommend surgery rather than a non-surgical technique. Camouflaging a hump with fillers can work nicely, but I do not think you can add material to make a nose seem narrower. Fillers will only make the nose look even wider.
      Good luck, Dr. Genter

  114. SpartanChick said

    Dear Dr. Genter,

    I am very interested in the non surgical nose job procedure. I have a dorsal hump on my nose as well has a hanging columella. I have read that the nostrils are injected to camouflage the hanging columella. I was wondering if botox would help for this as well. When I smile my nostrils seem to be pulled way up causing my columella to come to a complete point, this looks awful.


    • drbg said

      Dear SpartanChick: Although an injection with a filler like Radiesse can camouflage your hump, I do not recommend injections in the nostrils. The pressure from the material within those tight tissues could cause circulation problems and harm your nose. Unfortunately, I do not think Botox has much to offer either for this problem.

      Thank you for writing,
      Dr. Genter

  115. Jeanette said

    Hi Dr.

    I am a girl,15 years, with a really big nose. It destroys so much for me, and I will not even look in the mirror because of it. Sometimes it seems like my confidence is based on it, and everything I think is: “If I only had a smaller nose …”
    When I meet new people, I notice that people look at- and think about my nose. It’s so terrible, and such a bad feeling… What can I do?!

    You probably think that I am a typical teenager who just think about my look, but no. It’s just .. The nose makes so much sence to me.. And it prevents me from daring to get known to new people.

    I come from Norway and find out that Plastic Surgery is only allowed if you are over 18 And I’m 15 .. I’m seriously, i can’t stand the pain. I do really, really hate it…

    • drbg said

      Dear Jeanette: First of all, I really wonder if people are really paying that much attention to your nose. We often are much more aware of our own imperfections than other people, who are concerned with their own flaws. In a year or so, when you are 16 and have grown a little more, nasal surgery could help you. I was not aware of the age restriction in Norway. Is this true even with parental consent? (What happens when little children have prominent ears and, as unfortunately happens frequently, are mocked by other children?) If surgery is not the answer for you right now, perhaps injections with fillers can help camouflage a prominent nasal hump if this contributing to your appearance.

      Good luck and thank you for writing. Dr. Genter

  116. James said

    Hi Doctor-
    I have a ski jump type of nose that turns up at the tip. Is it possible to correct that by injecting a filler into the bridge- or into tip and making the tip smaller? Approximately how long will it last and how much would that cost? thank you.

    • drbg said

      Dear James: Fillers can certainly be injected into the nasal bridge to make it look straighter. This is the best use for fillers to improve the nasal appearance. Fillers can also improve the appearance of the nasal tip, but these injections will not make the tip smaller. The cost for a syringe of Radiesse, which I use, can run $700.
      Thank you for writing to my blog, Dr. Genter

  117. Ben said

    Hi doctor, my names Ben and i’m 23 years old. I accept my nose is on the large ish size but won’t go ahead with surgery, so i am deffinitely considering a non surgical treatment and would appreciate any advice on the matter ..

    Right now the size doesn’t bother me anymore( and i’ve come to the conclusion that it really isn’t that bad) but on the one side i have a fair indentation or dent which stops my nose from being symetrical and totally straight.. I must confess i think the indentation might even have come from me playing with my nose, but i’m not 100% sure.. it also gives the impression of a puffy nasal bridge and one that slants in on the one side of the nose… can fillers be added to the side of my nose with the indentation without making the nose bigger(i.e would the filler blend into the effected area as if the dented area was never there or would it be noticeable the filler was added) and match the other side of the nose better? Also when i smile you can especially see the difference with the one side of my nose coming out further to the side and looks thicker.. I hope you get an idea of what i’m talking about and i can send pics if needed with a front on and side view.

    • drbg said

      Dear Ben: From what you describe, the “non-surgical nose job” techniques can work nicely to fill in the indentation and create better nasal symmetry. I would suggest that you consult with a plastic surgeon near you who performs nasal surgery and is therefore familiar with nasal aesthetics.
      Good luck, and thanks for writing.
      Dr. Genter

  118. Ben said

    Hi doctor, i posted before but would like your opinion on this if possible… with my nose it’s slightly big but not huge and i’m not bothered about proper surgery to reduce size or anything because it’s pretty much in proportion with my face. I’m allready looking for non surgical procedures to get rid of a small dent on the one side of my nose But i have another question which i should have addressed first time round… with my nose there is like a flap of skin which goes in and overlaps the bottom of both of my nostrils which makes my nostrils on each side look thick and flared(VERY.. i honestly think just by getting rid of this skin it will make a big difference.. this has also given me problems breathing to a certain extent too.. So When i pull the small flap of skin down under the nose both of my nostrils open up the whole way and it looks a HELL of alot better from the front on view and the sides aswell as when you look at up from above… also my breathing feels fuller.. surely something so simple as this could be done or am i wrong? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and if so what sort of procedure would be needed? and how long would it take etc?? Thanks for your time doctor…

    • drbg said

      Dear Ben: It seems as though you would like to correct some excess bulk in the nostrils. There are various surgical procedures to reduce the bulk of the nostrils, none of them complicated. I suggest that you consult with a rhinoplasty surgeon in your area to learn what will work best for you. I do not think a non-surgical procedure can help this problem.
      Thanks for writing again. Dr. Genter

  119. curious said


    I’m wondering what is the cost of Rhinoplasty as I don’t think I’ll try the fillers.it seems I’l have an ever changing nose if I go down this route and by choosing Rhinoplasty it’ll be over and done with. My nose is fine except for a bump in the center, so what would the cost be?

    • drbg said

      Dear Curious: The cost of a rhinoplasty will vary from surgeon to surgeon I think you should be ready to pay anywhere from $7000 to $10000 total (including surgical, OR, and anesthesia fees), depending on where you are located and which surgeon you see. If you live in the Philadelphia area I would be happy to see you.
      Good luck. Dr. Genter

  120. This was a really wonderful read, thank you so much for taking time to put it together! Touched on some very good ideas. I’ll certainly be back soon

    • drbg said

      Dear Cosmetology Luv: I’m glad you like my blog. You might also enjoy my web site (www.drgenter.com) and my Facebook site (become a fan if you like it). Thank you for your compliment.

      Dr. Genter

  121. Hilliard said

    Dear Dr. Genter,

    I’m looking into getting non-surgical rhinoplasty once I turn eighteen. (I’m sixteen)

    I was wondering if non-surgical rhinoplasty will make my nose appear thinner?

    All I want is for a doctor to make my nose appear straighter, once they get rid of the bump, and I also want to know if they could make my nose or my nasal bridge appear thinner.

    I’m not interested in other stuff like bringing up the tip of my nose and etc, just a thinner, asymmetrical nose.

    Thank you, sir.

    • drbg said

      Dear Hilliard: The non-surgical injection techniques can make your nose seem straighter, but they cannot make your nose seem thinner. Remember, the injections add material to your nose to camouflage irregularities in shape, so the volume actually increases.
      Good luck, and thanks for writing to my blog. Dr. Genter

  122. Mat said

    Does constant rubbing of the nose altar the distribution of the cartilage in your nose and, therefore, possibly change the shape of your nose? I have a bad habit of pinching my nose in order to make it appear thinner. Will this slightly altar the shape of my nose or is the cartilage set unless surgery is performed? I’m a little concerned that the constant rubbing and pinching of the cartilage is actually loosening it up and causing my nose shape to flatten. Should I be worried?

    • drbg said

      Dear Mat: No need to worry! The sort of manipulations you describe will not change the shape of your nasal cartilage. I hope this sets your mind at ease.
      Thank you for your question. Dr. Genter

  123. Alec said


    Thank god i stumbled upon this website. im looking forward into becoming a model but the bump on my nose is affecting me from becoming one. so im thinking about this “non-surgical” nose thing. but is it permanent? does it cost more than getting a real surgical nose job? what are the prices between the “non-surgical” one and the surgical one? also, how does the non-surgical one compare to the surgical one? (other than that one is surgical and one is not). im just really jealous of my brother because he has a straight nose inherited by my dad and i inherited my mom’s bumpy nose. no offense to her. haha. i mean..yea my big nose evens the whole structure of my face but i just dont want that bump. the size is fine, its just the bump. i want straight nose. If i want to get a nose job (surgically), who do i need to see? a doctor? also, if i want to get a non surgical one, who do i need to see? dermatologist? SORRY IF I WROTE SO MUCH!! so eager. thankyou for your time and i hope u respond as soon as possible

    • drbg said

      Dear Alec: The non-surgical nose job can temporarily camouflage your nasal hump, but you will need retreatments every 6-9 months. Surgery will give a permanent result, and you need to see a plastic surgeon for surgery. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists inject fillers into the face, but not everybody does noses so you may need to scout around. If you live near Philadelphia I would be happy to see you in my office. A surgical rhinoplasty is much more expensive than the non-surgical solution, but it may be a good investment if you hope to be a model.

      Thanks for your question. Dr. Genter

  124. carmen said

    hi im lily
    im 15 i wonder if you need parental consent for this
    im asian so i have a not nesscairly flat but round i want my nasal bridge to be higher i could see it from my side profile that there is a bridge but i cant really see it in my front profile i mean it urts my self esteem kids say it looks my nose got punched and they always make it extra big. so if you could answer i would really apprecitae it thx.

    • drbg said

      Dear Lily: The non-surgical nose job technique uses injections to elevate the nasal bridge or areas of the nasal bridge. This may be able to help you,but without a picture I cannot say for sure. If you send me a picture I could give you a better answer, or if you live near Philadelphia I would be happy to see you.
      Thanks for your question. Dr. Genter

  125. Chirsti said

    my nose is fat on the point of my nose; my friends and family tease me about how big is my nose. some tells me its fat and some tells me its big.i’m only 15 years old! i told my daddy to buy me the nose huggie. i want to know if it works. but i already had bought it. do you think it can real reduce the size nd the point. b.c my dad told my family that i bought it nd they still tease me. nd they think that wen i wear it my nose is going to go down like my nose won’t go up. like its going the nose tip down. im scared. nd i wasted my allowance for this nose huggie. i want to know if its good. thanks minster.

  126. Ron said

    Hi Dr.,
    I’ve been looking for a technique like this for so long, I feel it was in my head before anyone knew it could work. I have an off-center indentation/”sinking” over my tip which makes the turbinates look like miniature butt-cheeks popping out from a front view (not profile though). The big delay for me is this: I have over aggravated my nose from nasal polyps I’ve never attended to. I’m worried this will hinder the success and/or only increase sinus pressure. Questions: A) Can one doctor personally attend to this or do I need to see two? B) Is there yet a more “lasting” filler for this that will not have to be re-done? I’ve been trying to follow up on one called artefill.

    • drbg said

      Dear Ron: The nasal polyps have no influence on the external appearance of your nose. If one surgeon can treat both issues, then go with it. Otherwise I would recommend that you find an experienced doctor to treat each problem. Artefill is not available in the US anymore. Even if it was, I would recommend against a filler that lasts a very long time in case you do not like the result. As an aside, the turbinates are located inside your nose. You may be referring to the alar cartilages that meet at the nasal tip.

      Good luck, and thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  127. Evan said

    Hi, I am a 21 year old male. I had a rhinoplasty procedure done about two years ago. I had an over-projected nose that I thought was too big and the surgeon took “too much off”. I used to have a very defined nose and now my tip looks very large my nose as a whole is undefined because of the loss of my nasal bone. My tip is too large and my nasal bone does not flow into it like it used to. In addition the skin around my nose is not as tight as it used to be and there is a slight indent in the skin on one side of my nose. I was wondering if an injection to my nasal bone could bring back balance and definition to my nose and also tighten up the skin. If I could go back in time I would never have gotten the initial surgery as I was much happier with my nose prior. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you!

    • drbg said

      Dear Evan: Without a photo I cannot definitvely make recommendations. However, it seem from your description that too much of the nasal bridge was removed and there is a separation of the cartilage wall of the nose from its attachment to the remaining nasal bone. You could use fillers to augment your nasal bridge and also help you figure out how you would like your nose to look. Then, you could possibly eventually have another rhinoplasty to add a cartilage or bone graft to the nasal bridge and give you a more permanent result.
      Good luck. Dr. Genter

  128. sasha said

    i have a really really big noes how much is it for the NON SURGERY how long does it take?

    • drbg said

      Dear Sasha: I’m sorry it took me so long to answer. The fee is $1000 and the entire process (consultation, photos, and injections) takes about a half hour.
      Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  129. Emma said

    I have a big nose, but no bump to speak of, is there any way i could make it smaller? I really am just so self conscious about it lately, and i really need to do something.

    • drbg said

      Dear Emma: The non-surgical nose injection technique is generally used to camouflage a nasal hump. By making the nasal bridge seem straighter, the nose looks smaller because the hump is not so obvious. If your nose is already straight, but too large. you would most likely need surgery to enhance the appearance.
      Good luck and thank you for writing. Dr. Genter

  130. Barb said

    Hi Dr. Genter,

    I am interested in this procedure but have a couple questions:

    1. Is it ok to inject in the tip? I read online at some sites that this is not recommended. my tip is flattened from previous surgery and I’d like it more rounded and natural looking.

    2. Do you have before and after photos of your work for nonsurgical nose jobs?

    thanks so much in advance,

    • drbg said

      Dear Barb: I am sorry that it took so long for me to answer you. Somehow your question got by me. I do inject the tip, but I do it conservatively to avoid too much pressure that could compromise circulation. The fillers do not last as long in the tip due to the structural demands on the tissue.

      Thanks for writing to my blog. Dr. Genter

  131. NMS said


    I have been considering a nose job or non-surgical nose job for several years. I’m 22, Caucasian female (of Italian descent.) My nose is fairly large, with a hump in the middle. Everyone on my mom’s side of the family has a large nose, but no one seems to have the bump that I do. I was an avid basketball player when I was younger, and I got boinked on the nose with the basketball several times (I was approximately 11-14 years old.) One time in particular I remember, it hurt a lot and felt very odd. I ran to the bathroom to put a cold towel on it. I cannot remember if it bled. I read that trauma to the nose when a child can cause damage that doesn’t go away because the bones are still growing and it gets “set” that way. I also have a fair amount of sinus problems, and my nose feels stuffy a lot, especially when I wake up. Given these factors, I am wondering if you think my nose could be broken. Would surgery be a better option? I am hesitant about surgery because I am a very picky person and I’m worried I won’t like it or that I’ll look really different. I know I’ll never have a thin or skinny nose, and I’m fine with that. Like I said, I don’t want to look dramatically different, I just want the bump to be smoothed out. I’m extremely self-conscious about my profile, and I usually hate the way I look in pictures. The knot in the center makes the tip look really bulbous. Do you think I’d get good results from a non-surgical nose job? Also, I hear there is some filler product on the market that makes the results last about 5 years. Do you also use this product? How much would it cost? Thank you.

  132. Sue said

    Hi, i am 15 years old and I noticed when I turn to my side I have a small hump but when I turn to the other side I have a smaller hump. Can you get ride of the hump ( or hide it) and I’m curious to know how much it hurts. I am scared of pain extremely!

    • drbg said

      Dear Sue: The non-surgical nose job is great for problems like you describe, but without seeing you, I can not say for sure whether or not the injections can hide your bump. I can say that the injections are not very painful, so you should feel more at ease about seeking this treatment.
      Thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  133. oscar romero said


    My nose looks very good but i think i just need a little touch up.
    The only thing is that i dont know were would it be a good place for me to go, i live in minneapolis,mn and i was wondering if you can recomment a good doctor with a trustful background…..


    • drbg said

      Dear Oscar: The injections with fillers work great for touchups. Why not ask the surgeon who performed your rhinoplasty if he or she can do the injections? Chances are that a surgeon who does rhinoplasty also provides non-surgical facial enhancements with injectables.
      Thank you for contacting my blog. Dr. Genter

  134. Michael said

    Dear Doctor,
    i am 15 years old and have an eastern european nose, the large one with the crooked dorsal hump. I have been teased a lot but i am able to overcome it because of my sport and academic achievements but sometimes it does tend to get to me. Anyway, i was just wondering, am i too young to receive a non-surgical rhinoplasty?
    kind regards.

    • drbg said

      Dear Michael: You are definitely not too young to have injections for a non-surgical nose job. Actually, you are just a little too young for a SURGICAL nose job (rhinoplasty). These non-permanent injections can camouflage a nasal hump very nicely. Periodic injections can tide you over until you are done growing and decide if you would ever want a real rhinoplasty.
      Good luck, and thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  135. Kl said

    Hey, doc.

    I’m fifteen, and just feel awful every time I look at my nose. I don’t mind the size since it’s proportionate, but it’s the bridge that bothers me so much. I have a down-turned tip along with a slightly lower nasal bridge that adds up to a hump-like nose. Is this fixable with injection? Also, how long CAN the injection last if a semi-permanent filler is used?

    • drbg said

      Dear KI: The injections can camouflage the appearance of a hump, but the material does not have the strength to turn up a nasal tip. For that you really need a rhinoplasty to place a supportive strut of nasal septal cartilage. Injections of fillers into the nasal bridge to hide a hump can last a year or so.
      Thanks for your question and good luck. Dr. Genter

  136. Victoria said

    Dear Dr. I wanted to know if I could have
    a non surgical nose Job. My nose is
    straight in the top half and then the
    bottom tip goes down. I hate my nose
    and cant stand looking at myself.
    Could the injections fix it or will I need
    real surgery? Btw I am 16

    • drbg said

      Dear Victoria: It is difficult to say exactly without examining you, but the injections could add some additional projection to the tip and the lower nasal bridge. If the result was insufficient, you would need surgery. For now, the injections may be worth trying.
      Good luck. Dr. Genter

  137. L said

    Dear Dr,

    I am asian girl with a boxy, slightly bulbous nose.

    My nose starts off averagely slim between my eyes and then widens out at the tip. My nose is straight with no hump. The top of my nose tip is not round (though the bridge of my nose is), instead it is flat because it is slightly indented.
    From the front it appears very triangular, sort of like the nose of the characters from the video game “Animal crossing”.

    I’ve been self conscious of my nose for a long time now. my nose is not very feminine and it overpowers my other features. It has caused me a lot of emotional distress.

    My parents do not approve of me getting anything done to my nose because they think I look beautiful and should learn to accept myself which means I’ll probably have to wait until I’m all grown up before I can do anything about it.
    I’m fifteen years old and I’ve began saving up money so that by the time I am an adult I should hopefully have enough to get a nose job.
    I’m interested in getting a non surgical nose job because it is cheaper than a surgical rhinoplasty meaning I’d be able to afford it sooner, which would be nice because I really do want to get something done about my nose ASAP.

    I am not in your area, however I’d like to know if filling in the indentation so that it is rounded and raising the height of my nose would be able create the illusion of a slimmer nose. Would a non surgical nose job be suitable for my needs?

    • drbg said

      Dear L: Without an examination or a photo, I cannot say exactly what you need. However, from my experience, the injections with a non-surgical nose job can raise the nasal bridge and decrease a flat appearance. Filling out the tip is harder because the skin there is thicker, but small improvements can be made. If you remember that these results are temporary and may need to be repeated about every 6 to 9 months, it may be worth a try.

      Best of luck, and thanks for writing. Dr. Genter

  138. singer1234 said

    I wanted to know if this could fix a crooked nose? And how much would the expense be? Also, where are you located?

    • drbg said

      Dear Singer: Sometimes the injections can camouflage a crooked nose, but most often surgery is necessary. I am located in a suberb of Philadelphia, PA. I would be happy to see you if it is convenient for you to come to my office for an evaluation. Good luck, and thank you for posting on my blog. Dr. Genter

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