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So many options for firming up a sagging jawline Lifts, liposuction, injections and lasers

Posted by drbg on January 31, 2013



In “I Feel Bad About My Neck,” Nora Ephron expressed the feelings of generations of women who have beenfurtively hiding their necks like turtles in scarves, boas, turtlenecks and chokers. Her blunt advice is to begin concealing the neck at age 43. “Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth. You have to cut open a redwood tree to see how old it is, but you wouldn’t if it had a neck.” Sure, she had a point. But there is an equal source of embarrassment perched right above the neck: the sagging jaw line.


When you reach your early 40s, you may see that the skin between your neck and jaw, which was once a taut right angle, is now gradually dropping. This “drop zone” is the subject of many heart-to-heart conversations. We have all watched more than one friend (of a certain age) pulling back the skin in front of her ears with two thumbs to demonstrate how much better she would look without the drooping, wavy jaw line. Though she asks, “Tell me the truth, don’t I look better like this?” you answer dishonestly: “Don’t be silly. You look great the way you are.”


The aging jaw and neck are challenges. The neck is comprised of three layers: skin, fat, and muscle. Sagging muscles and bulging fat are situated under the thinnest, crepiest skin on the body (except for eyelid skin). To make matters worse, a thin ropey muscle called platysma tends to split into a V-like formation of two bands that protrude, especially when they contract. To see this problem in action (if you’re over 40) look in a mirror, say “eee,” and watch in horror what happens. A Manhattan plastic surgeon has commented, “Trying to fix all of that with potions and lotions is like waging a two-front war on a sheet of thin ice.” He soggests a neck lift for women in their early to mid-40s who are not ready for a facelift.


Neck Lift/Facelift

The neck lift secures sagging muscles crosswise to the jaw to restore that all-important right angle. Compared with a facelift, sutures are smaller, there is less tightness, and recovery time is much shorter. However, a neck lift has traditionally been a component of a facelift, and many plastic surgeons believe it should remain so. They reason that, anatomically, the muscles of the neck are connected to muscles of the face, so if you try to tighten only the neck muscles, you will do you face a disservice. Along this line of reasoning, even if your big complaint is your neck, you will get better results with a facelift. If you are confused about which procedure is right for you, have a board-certified plastic surgeon, or two, give you feedback while evaluating your very own unique face and neck.


Liposuction and the double chin

The face and neck are usually treated at the simultaneously, often in conjunction with liposuction, to sculpt the area beneath the chin and jaw line. But if you gain weight, the looser skin, weaker muscles, and free falling fat may add to your drop zone. Younger patients who have fatty necks but no significant facial aging may be treated with liposuction alone. There are some plastic surgeons also might use laser or light technology to tighten necks.


Preventive Botox

It has been seen that injecting Botox in areas where wrinkling and creases occur will prevent deeper lines from forming and will help maintain a youthful appearance. It’s better to not have those angry or tired lines develop, so people will not notice that you’ve had any treatments.  Botox can also soften those V-shaped platysma bands.


Your own fat

Another alternative is injecting abdominal fat into the jawline area to provide extra volume. This includes the bonus of your own stem cells. Extra stem cells are sometimes separated from the fat via centrifuge and then added, making the skin glow more and enhancing collagen production.


Trendy approaches

Plastic surgeons were recently interviewed by W Magazine about some trendier devices, such as Thermage and Ulthera. These devices deliver radio frequency, ultrasound and/or infrared lasers to stimulate deep skin layers below the epidermis, an area in which collagen and elastic production slows down as we get older. But according to the surgeons interviewed, the problem is that these devices may not deliver enough energy to have a substantial effect. However, if you have only mild laxity and expect modest results, they may be a good option.



Even though you may favor one of these options, it’s a good idea to keep an open mind when you go for a consultation. Your best bet is to come in for a consultation so your plastic surgeon can suggest the very best procedure for your very own unique facial characteristics.





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Rejuvenating Your Face – What are the Options? Surgical and nonsurgical solutions

Posted by drbg on November 26, 2012

When you go to your high school reunion, do you want your classmates to squint at your name tag in confusion? No! Instead, you want them to instantly recognize you and think that you look well-rested and “good” for your age.  Formerly there was only one way to resurrect your face: it took a scalpel, several weeks off from work and a nice chunk of change. But now, new nonsurgical options that promise to turn back the clock are proliferating at a rate that can make you dizzy.

It would be overwhelming to consider so many options on your own. Instead, schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Genter, who is experienced in traditional approaches, but also equipped with the latest and greatest nonsurgical innovations. Face-to-face a doctor can recommend to you procedures that offer the results you want. Both surgical and nonsurgical options definitely yield improvements but, as you may expect, the level of improvement will not be the same and the surgical option will result in more significant and longer lasting changes.

So you don’t go to your consultation totally “green,” here are, from hairline to the base of the neck, some of the surgical and nonsurgical approaches to the common facial problems that occur with aging:

Drooping Forehead

Surgical: A forehead lift involves hidden incisions in the hair-bearing scalp to rejuvenate the upper third of the face through lifting and weakening frown muscles.

Nonsurgical: Botox is injected into the forehead to soften frown lines. Botox and fillers may be injected together around brows to lift and add fullness.


Dark Circles, Eye Bags, Hooding of the Upper Eyelid

Surgical: Blepharoplasty removes fat deposits and tightens the skin and muscle of the eyelids to improve the appearance of the eyes.

Nonsurgical: Frown lines can be softened and crow’s feet minimized with injections of Botox; three times a year in both areas will do the trick. When injected above the eyebrows, Botox may also give a ten-degree lift to the arch and a slight lift to the tail. To get rid of bags under the eyes, a plastic surgeon can inject your own fat, which will last 2 years or more, or hyaluronic acid, which will last up to a year.


Sagging Cheeks

Surgical: With age, the distance between the eyes and cheeks increases. In the midface lift, the malar fat pad in the upper cheek is lifted to its former youthful position with either sutures or an absorbable implant, restoring your youthful, heart shaped face.

Nonsurgical: A doctor can restore high, full youthful cheeks using injectables such as Radiesse, Juvederm or other fillers. Injected over the cheekbones or in depressions, these fillers can add fullness to sunken or sagging cheeks for many months.


Droopy Nose

Surgical: With age, the tip of the nose may drop down and inwards towards the face. The drooping nasal tip may cause a slight hump on the bridge and appear to cover part of the upper lip, especially when you smile. A rhinoplasty procedure rejuvenates the nasal tip, which is re-supported with cartilage grafts. An added bonus is that re-elevation of the tip can improve nasal air flow and breathing.

Nonsurgical: If Botox is injected into the base of the nose by a skilled injector, slight nasal tip elevation may be achieved, resulting in a nose that turns upwards, rather than droops—even with big smiles. If your nose droops when your face is static, Botox will not help. Injections with fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm may be used for nose shaping/augmenting purposes in a nonsurgical rhinoplasty.


Thinning upper lip and droopy mouth

Surgical: With age, the upper lip lengthens, sags and thins. An upper lip lift shortens the lip by removing a small ellipse of skin under the nose-lip junction, creating fuller mucosal show. The corner lift, removing a small triangle of skin above the corners of the mouth, elevates a downturned mouth, making you appear happier.

Nonsurgical: Volumizers, such as Juvederm Ultra Plus, injected in the lips, can restore the ideal volume ratio of upper to lower lip, creating fuller plumped lips. “Smoker’s” or “lipstick bleed” lines can be treated every six months with Botox to soften them and micro droplets of fillers to plump them.  Lips may also be injected with collagen or your own fat harvested from another site. Both liquid collagen and fat are absorbed, so repeat treatments are necessary to maintain results.

Sagging jawline, redundant neck, prominent neck cords

Surgical: There are many different varieties of facelift approaches to smooth the face and neck skin, tighten the underlying loose tissues and muscle and remove excess skin.

Nonsurgical: To camouflage a sagging jawline, Juvederm or Radiesse may be injected, lasting up to 18 months. Botox and injections with fillers can be used to reduce the appearance of neck cords. Botox and fillers can smooth a pebbly chin. Fillers can be injected to reduce smile lines between the nose and mouth corners. Botox injections can make neck cords recede. Neckline appearance can be softened with mini doses of Juvederm combined with Botox.

Fine Facial Lines

Surgical: Fine facial lines can be treated surgically with dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, or deep chemical peels.  Although a facelift is useful for tightening the facial skin and deeper structures, it will not smooth fine facial lines on the skin’s surface.

Nonsurgical: New injection techniques have been developed to treat fine facial lines around the mouth, on the cheeks, etc. Dilute Juvederm is injected with very thin needles into these facial lines to smooth them, producing very successful results. Botox can supplement the effect. It is believed that new collagen growth in the skin is stimulated from these injections.

Final advice: Get the best results by finding a plastic surgeon with the appropriate board certification. Wherever you go for treatment, be sure to ask how long and how often this doctor has been doing the procedure you desire. Dr. Genter is very experienced with these techniques.  In a tough economy, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation may seem to offer a cost-effective alternative for looking good. But, does it really? Ask your doctor how frequently you will need to repeat the nonsurgical procedure. Then consider your age and do the math. You may discover that a surgical procedure will be more economical in the long run…or you may not. Some investigators believe that fillers help skin regenerate natural collagen and neurotoxins like Botox can help retrain your muscles so the face creases less.

 Be sure to schedule your surgical or nonsurgical procedure far enough in advance of an important event so you are healed and look your very best. 

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Facing the truth: How to look your best

Posted by drbg on August 29, 2012

ImageA recent article just came out discussing whether or not face and neck exercises can help make you look younger. The answer: Probably not. If you run a Google search, many electronic and manual devices will come up, but none can conclusively help target facial muscles and rejuvenate your face. While practicing healthy habits like eating a balanced diet and exercising will help you overall, here are some procedures that can keep you looking young without resorting to gimmicks and facial calisthenics.


  1. Skin, Skin, Skin – taking care of your skin can go a long way. First step is having a good skincare regimen at home that consists of cleaning, moisturizing and exfoliating. Treatments like facials, micro-peels, laser and light skin resurfacing helps maintain and treat conditions like acne, rosacea, large pores, wrinkles and sunspots. For deeper wrinkles, sagging and loss of volume, you may seek out injectables like Botox®, Juvéderm® and other fillers.


–          Skin resurfacing: http://www.surgery.org/consumers/procedures/skin/skin-resurfacing

–          Ultherapy [Project Beauty VIDEO]: http://www.projectbeauty.com/videos/channel/skincare/



  1. Eyes – they say the eyes are the windows to the soul. If they’re framed by dark circles, sagging lids and crows feet, they might not be representing a clear image (or vision for that matter). Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can make your face appear brighter, younger and more welcoming. In combination with fillers and Botox®, your windows can finally reflect a younger you.


–          Eyelid: http://www.surgery.org/consumers/procedures/head/eyelid-surgery

–          No more baggy eyes [Project Beauty VIDEO]: http://www.projectbeauty.com/videos/watch/rosemary-no-more-baggy-eyes/


  1. Lift it up – a good forehead, face and neck lift should never leave you looking tight or overstretched. Loose skin can be removed, skin smoothed and extra fat “liposuctioned” away. While there are many different techniques and methods, the result should be to turn back the hands of time, so you look like a younger you – not someone else!


–          Facelift: http://www.surgery.org/consumers/procedures/head/facelift

–          Forehead: http://www.surgery.org/consumers/procedures/head/forehead-lift

–          More than one way to lift a neck: http://www.surgery.org/consumers/plastic-surgery-news-briefs/lift-neck-1037037


General Links related to Facial Rejuvenation Procedures:

–          Article: Lasers fight sun damage; injectables reduce under eye circles: http://www.crabappleinc.com/massachusetts/deerfield-monroe_bridge.shtml

–          Article: Can face and neck exercises shave off the years? http://www.surgery.org/consumers/plastic-surgery-news-briefs/face-neck-exercises-shave-years-1037147

–          [BLOG] Injectables: How to prevent bruising: http://www.projectbeauty.com/blog/blog-post/injectables-how-to-prevent-bruising/

–          Fillers After My Facelift [Project Beauty VIDEO]: http://www.projectbeauty.com/videos/watch/joanne-fillers-after-my-facelift/


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Elective Cosmetic Tax Removed – Tanning Tax Proposed

Posted by drbg on December 22, 2009

The controversial elective cosmetic tax proposed by the Senate has reportedly been dropped in favor of a ten percent tax on indoor tanning, a decision receiving support from the American Academy of Dermatology.

According to news sources for the Wall Street Journal, the tanning tax had been “on the table” before the elective cosmetic was finally added to the bill.

Representatives of the Indoor Tanning Association say their members – small business owners mostly – have been “thrown under the bus.”

What’s your opinion? Does the public health risk posed by indoor tanning salons justify a sin tax of this kind?

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New Holiday Specials!

Posted by drbg on December 10, 2009

Get Glam For The Holidays!

Botox® treatments can be used to improve the appearance of worry, frown and laugh lines, crow’s feet and other wrinkles caused by aging. Best part about botox? Instant results and no down time!

Juvederm™ – If wrinkles or facial folds are becoming more noticeable than you would like, a long lasting filler may be the solution you are looking for. Don’t spend another day adding worry lines to your most prominent feature. Results from Juvederm™ can last up to 9 months. For fuller and more youthful lips, Juvederm™ is also the perfect choice!

Latisse® – Imagine the beauty and confidence that comes with longer, thicker and darker lashes. Enhance the appearance of your eyes…one of your most distinguished and striking features.

Our unique 3 tier approach to rejuvenate your skin. Includes enzymatic exfoliation along with a lactic and glycolic acid peel. Also includes extractions. A soothing, hydrating vitamin C masque enhances this special skin care treatment. Get ready to look radiant!

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Surgery After Weight Loss

Posted by drbg on October 30, 2009

The benefits of weight loss with or without surgical assistance (gastric bypass, gastric banding) are beyond doubt.  The problem of the remaining extra stretched skin remains long after the pounds are shed.

Post-bariatric surgery (surgery after weight loss) is the newest field in plastic surgery.  This surgery addresses the extra skin of the abdomen, back, thighs, arms, and breasts with artful surgical removal to best enhance the new lean body now hidden by folds of extra skin.

A variety of operations address the various areas of the body:  brachioplasty (arm lifts), mastopexy (breast lifts), breast reductions, abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), circumferential belt lipectomy to address the abdomen and lower back, body lift for the buttock, thighs, and back; and thigh lifts to tighten the thighs.  Facelifts are often used to treat redundant skin of the face and neck left after weight loss.  Even more interesting, some of the excess skin that would normally be removed can be used for auto-augmentation (augmentation using your own tissues) of the buttocks and breasts.  All of these techniques must be customized to treat each patient’s individual needs and priorities. 

 I began performing  these post-weight loss operations more than 15 years ago, when surgery to treat massive weight loss was risky and rare.  Newer techniques have made this a much safer procedure and, therefore more common.  Also, better understanding of nutrition and exercise has helped many people lose weight without surgery and has also helped people maintain excellent health after massive weight loss. 

I would enjoy hearing about the experiences of my blog readers and I would be happy to answer your questions. 

Pre and Post Body Lift

Pre and Post Body Lift

Pre and Post Brachioplasty

Pre and Post Brachioplasty

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Non-surgical “quick fixes” in cosmetic surgery…

Posted by Jessica Hoffman on June 5, 2009

Cosmetic fillers (Dermal Fillers) have been mostly known in our industry as a quick, short-term solution for decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, enhancing lips and improving overall appearance. In today’s economy, this has proven to be a more “budget friendly” way to be “on top of your game”, look your best and boost confidence. In as little as fifteen minutes, under one-thousand dollars these fillers have the ability to make you feel/look years younger! The procedures are non-invasive, giving you the ability to return to “life” the same day…

Over the last few years, we have been finding more creative ways to use these fillers. Amazing results… without surgery.

  • non-surgical rhinoplasy (nose job)
  • jaw reduction
  • more defined cheek bones
  • filling in “hollowed out eyes”
  • reshaping, plumping earlobes

These are just a few of the newer procedures we use on a daily basis! Please visit our website to view before and after pictures of some of these procedures!

We will work with you and design a package to give you long-term results, while working within your budget. Of course, financing is available  to help make your wishes a reality.

If you have any questions, please e-mail our practice either through our website or directly to info@drgenter.com .

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To Finance or Not: That is the question!

Posted by Jessica Hoffman on May 27, 2009

The companies are out there… If you are determined, have decent (at least 650) credit score, someone, somewhere out there, can make it happen. for…. COSMETIC SURGERY?! What is this world coming to? I mean, it’s a wonderful thing… to have the ability to offer patients 0% interest, 18 month financing… it costs us a pretty penny, but at least our patients have options… lots of them. The companies we use offer everything from 3-18 month interest free plans… all the way to 60 month long-term payment plans. (with high interest)- but if someone wants a procedure, this seems logical. Let’s think about what we finance… and don’t really put much thought into-
1. Education– From the day we are born, first our parents.. they pay- they pay for preschool, primary, etc. tutors, instruction, (dance, ballet, art, guitar, Lacrosse, acting, teen tour) They teach us most of this so we may LEARN to make our OWN money… and spend it (or finance) Eventually, we get to college where we learn how to spend our parent’s money, we learn about what being “broke” means and we may even make an attempt to “budget”. Touchy word these days!! We eventually figure out that maybe even we will begin to pay for our OWN education– what a concept!  Again, accepted and embraced- This is mature!! you are making great choices and life will reward you-

2. car– you don’t HAVE to finance.. you can purchase, pay cash, but to do this, most would end up with one “less nice” vs. a payment plan car… newer, nicer… more expensive- but we justify this because it makes us ….feel good- Besides… if you finance, you will establish some credit… now that your education is complete, you know HOW to find a job and pay for your car and you even know how to make a good deal!  Totally acceptable- Nobody would question you- in fact, you would likely be praised for all the hard work and told “you deserve a nice car!”

3. House: Logical, right? Education, job, car…. what’s next in life?? A house of course!! It’s an investment!!  In fact… once you close, people give you stuff!! They bring you gifts, have parties, send you cards… your family tells everyone they know about your first house! It’s all so exciting-

then life happens…

You get married, (or not) you have kids, (or not) you work, you clean, you feel like a slave in your own kitchen… (guys this can apply to you, so keep reading) Or maybe… you work and work, never have time to enjoy this beautiful house or family you now have in your life… in fact, you feel run down- is this it?? Is this what I am making these OBNOXIOUS payments for? We all know, once we have the house, the family and all of those wonderful things that come along with it…. we need to finance more! Work harder, longer, get promoted…. spend more. Always. It’s a rule.

So after all of this… you start looking around. You notice your friends… their husbands and wives- they are doing things just like you- busy getting through life… but yet, somehow- they don’t look tired! You wonder… is it genetic? Is there some magic pond somewhere? Fountain of Youth? Finally, the truth comes out… your friend leans over and whispers… “I went under the knife! shhhh…. don’t tell anyone! It was only 14k and they did EVERYTHING! It’s interest free so the payments are small….”

what????? It’s a secret?? Yes- it is… for whatever reason, it’s not only acceptable, but encouraged in our society to finance all of what I have mentioned aboved, but when it comes to your body and how you feel, somehow making that happen through financing should be kept quiet!

In our practice, we see many, many men and women come to consultations with loads of cash saved… they have been secretly saving for maybe years!!

We begin to talk about the procedures they are interested in. There always seems to be some level of guilt associated with cosmetic surgery, even though you have spent your life giving to everyone else…

We want people to feel GOOD about what they are doing. We want to help make it easier to justify. We will help you make it affordable!! In this economy, WHY would you take this CHUNK of money you have saved, and spend it all, at once… on cosmetic surgery?!

Many cosmetic practices offer some kind of financing, but most are limited. Maybe they offer one or two programs. Short and long-term. In our practice, having the ability to offer many different options and paid off, for everyone! If it makes you feel good, DO IT! If you have the ability, DO IT! In our practice, we offer everything from 3-18 month interest free financing and even have terms that go as far out as 60 months!!!

Buying a new car only helps you feel better short-term. It’s a “fix”. Why not invest in YOU??? We would be proud to help you through it! If YOU feel good, the car won’t matter-

If you would like more information regarding financing your procedure, please e-mail me at jhoffman@drgenter.com to find out how!  If you want to look for yourself, go to care credit. They have all of the information at your fingertips!

You should feel good about YOU!!!

We hope to hear from you soon….

Welcome to 2009.

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Economy drives change in the cosmetic surgery industry

Posted by Jessica Hoffman on January 9, 2009

No industry has been immune to the impact of today’s economy. The Aesthetics industry has had to get creative. Bruce Genter, M.D., F.A.C.S. has noticed a significant increase in non-invasive and non-surgical procedures.

Jessica Hoffman, Practice Director at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center said “the job market is very competitive, people are scared. With the combination of financing, decreased pricing (which we have been almost forced to do) and a wider range of services available, it becomes very realistic to give yourself a boost, go into that interview with an edge and just feel good all around.”

Procedures such as a non-surgical nose job, shaping using injectable fillers takes about ten minutes, zero down-time, produce immediate results and cost a fraction of what a surgical Rhinoplasty would be. Other services such as micro peels, laser treatments, Botox and fillers are used to accomplish a very broad range of results from simply filling in the little lines around your mouth, to a completely different look.

Dr Genter offers financing with programs that range from interest free to 48 month extended plans. The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center is located at The Colonade, 100 Old York Road Jenkintown PA 19046. Dr. Genter received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania and completed his Plastic Surgery residency at Yale University Medical Center. He is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. For more information about Dr. Genter, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center, appointments and consultations, please call 215.572.7744 or visit the Center’s website at www.drgenter.com

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Laser hair removal vs. waxing and other methods

Posted by Jessica Hoffman on December 16, 2008

I was interested in finding statistics regarding laser hair removal. It seems to be a growing interest in our practice. I have always been a fan and patients seem to love it, but it seems with the latest technology, what used to take many, many treatments, is becoming fewer and fewer- which means less out-of-pocket expense, as well as quick results. I found the article below- It seems the folks at American Laser Centers did some serious research and posted their results-  The results were very revealing and even though I see patients everyday- and the results, when I looked at these numbers I wondered why anyone would bother with anything else!!

Please contact us to schedule an appointment/consultation and get started!

Survey respondents reported they will spend more than 58.4 days removing hair from their bodies during their lifetime.  The survey also revealed that women remove unwanted body hair for an average period of 53.6 years using methods including shaving, waxing and depilatory creams.

While women report a small monthly spend on shaving, $15.87 per month, the
lifetime investment for females who shave adds up to $10,207.

Delapidory cream- or lotion-users are paying slightly more than those who shave for their hair removal, $10,555 through their lifetime, yet they only remove hair one to two times per month.

Waxing is by far the most expensive form of hair removal.  While respondents reported waxing only one to two times per month, women who wax will spend an average of $23,000 on hair removal in a lifetime.

American Laser Centers conducted the hair removal study to determine the cost savings benefit of laser hair removal verses a lifetime of shaving or waxing.  On average, women can save $7,000 by receiving laser hair removal on the areas of the body they typically shave.  When compared to a lifetime of waxing, women can save $20,000 by receiving laser hair removal on the areas of the body they usually wax.

“As people are more time crunched than ever, laser hair removal has evolved into a lifestyle decision for our clients,” said American Laser Centers Corporate Medical Director Dr. David Turok.  “Like Lasik surgery for contact and glasses wearers, laser hair removal is a decision to free yourself from one of the most mundane processes in your life — hair removal.  When performed by American Laser Centers trained professionals, laser hair removal is safe, effective and painless.”

In addition, laser hair removal is a procedure that will help conserve water.  Fifty-two percent of women surveyed reported shaving with the water running the entire time.  Women surveyed reported an average shaving time of 10.9 minutes and an average of shaving 12 times per month.  With the average shower using five gallons of water per minute, this means the average woman will use 7,848 gallons each year and a total of 420,652 gallons of water shaving throughout their lifetime, nearly enough water to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool.  Only 2 percent of women shavers do not use water when shaving.

Please visit our site for specific information about our practice, services offered and to request an appointment!!

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